27 Mar Awaken to the melody of nature

Nature is a poetry in itself. We’ve drawn inspiration from the various facets of nature.

So, take a deep breath as you are about to witness nature’s poetry.


Awaken to the melody of nature.


If you listen closely, you’ll hear the bees hum,

It’s their ode to nature, for spring has come.

Green has taken over once again, consuming it all,

The birds have stories to share, from trees standing tall.

A school of fish is on its way, to a journey so grand,

A tulip will welcome you, if you lay out your hand.


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Take a walk in the woods, and leave it all behind.

Marvel at the orchids among the vines, entwined.

Stop and dance with the whimsical daisies, to unwind.

A wise old tree might direct you to a different way,

with lotuses graceful enough to make you sway.

You may keep walking, but you are welcome to stay.


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If you want to make a new friend, just keep on.

You’ll find a friendly elephant, showing off its brawn,

a peacock dancing so majestically you’ll feel drawn.

A parrot so chatty, it can babble all night long,

by the lake, there’s a curious fish ready to tag along.

A butterfly will make you feel at home, as if you belong.


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