10 May 5 Ways to Celebrate this Mother’s Day with your Mom

Mothers are precious; there is no denying that. Right from taking care of what we eat, to giving advice on life-changing decisions, she is always there. As kids, we often showered her with kisses, spent entire days by her side and hovered around her to get everything we wanted. However, as we grow older, we start spending lesser time with her due to our busy lives outside home. So, this Mother’s Day let’s take out some time for her and do little things to appreciate her presence and show her how precious she really is!

Here’s are some cues: 😉


1. Cook for her

She loves cooking for you every day, and we have to admit that no one cooks better than her. But why not give her a day off from the kitchen and cook yourself instead? Make her favourite dish, set the table and enjoy the dinner together. Don’t forget to clean the kitchen afterwards. 😛

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2. Mom’s day out

Take your mom out for a day of shopping and spa. Go to her favourite place and shop till you drop. Post the tiring trip around the mall, you can take her to the spa for a relaxing mani-pedi or massage. Sounds like a great plan to spend time, doesn’t it?



3. Take her on a weekend getaway

She needs a break from her routine as much as you. Take your mom on a mini-vacay to a hill station or beach destination near your home. You both can share a room on your holiday and have a great time by looking around the new place or by simply relaxing doing nothing.



4. Put together something personalised

If you are away from home and can’t meet your mom on Mother’s Day, then simply send her something personalised. A CD of her favourite old songs perhaps? Or a video compilation of your childhood pictures with her with a loving message at the end. Sure to make her feel nostalgic and loved at the same time.


5. A precious gift for the most precious woman

Wondering what to gift her this Mother’s Day? Jewellery makes for the perfect choice. It’s beautiful, precious, and something she will treasure for a lifetime.


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