07 Mar Women Of Mettle – Anita Shetty

Yesterday, we got to know about Sharmila Patnaik who battled cancer and is an inspiration to many! Today, we want you to meet Anita Shetty. They say that life is tough, Anita has conquered the worst with her warrior spirit and emerged victorious!


Here’s Anita’s Story-


“At 28, I went from being a happy housewife to a single mother with two kids and an acute financial crisis. I was clueless and even contemplated on killing the kids and myself. A week later, I woke up thinking, “No, that’s easy but I don’t do easy.” and that changed my life. I got a job and clawed my way back day by day…month by month..year by year. Today, I am a happy mother of two successful children and own a sweet little house I call home.”

“Love yourself immensely and intensely, this will give you a sense of belief in yourself. That belief when coupled with nutrition, compassion and that-woman’s-instinct is a recipe to rule the world.”

If you also know any #WomenOfMettle who inspire you, share her story with us and stand a chance to win Rs. 5,000 voucher. And stay tuned… We have more Women Of Mettle coming up!

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