06 Mar Women Of Mettle- Sharmila Patnaik

Meet the Women Of Mettle. The women who fought the odds and overcame adversities with their resilience and strength. This Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all such women who’ve inspired us and continue to do so Every. Single. Day.


Here’s Sharmila’s story –


“Beating cancer was definitely one of the toughest challenges in my life. It took a great toll on me and the people around me, especially my family. I had to stay positive and look forward to the future. I did not just ‘put on’ a brave front but I learnt to become brave. My family and friends, the teachers I worked with, the students’ well wishes helped me come out stronger. I really learnt to count my blessings and that’s what makes my life beautiful today.

“Never feel that being emotional is a weakness, it is exactly what makes you more empathetic and the world a kinder place. Do not seek love and respect from others, once you start loving and respecting yourself, that’s exactly what you’ll receive from the world. It’s never the other way around.”

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