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CaratLane Design Incubator (CDI) is a first of its kind initiative by any jewellery brand in India to support ‘design’prenuers’ and bring individual talent into the industry. It is true that today jewellery designers find it increasingly difficult to break through. While ideas and inspirations can come in abundance, rarely do they get incubated into design concepts or take shape into actual collections. CaratLane therefore, brings an opportunity to discover, promote and launch the next generation of jewellery designers, like you, who seek a real breakthrough.

CDI will nurture jewellery designers with a 6-month mentorship, hands-on training from industry experts and a deep understanding of the key role of design in business. Designers, like you, will not only witness their work of art take shape into real jewellery but also be appreciated with paid rewards and a certain royalty earned on the business drawn by your work.

CDI is an unparalleled platform to create ‘design’prenuers’ with a recognizable and trusted platform — it's not just a design competition but a design and business incubator that is assessed by a team of professionals to help talented designers like you, in your artistic and entrepreneurial growth.


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This is an unprecedented competition with a unique judging process, a dream mentorship and an exceptional learning experience to win! What’s more? The winners get to launch a jewellery collection of their own designs and also take away a certain royalty on the business drawn by their designs. And of course, an incomparable incubation to be a design’prenuer.


A 6-month internship at CaratLane, Mumbai Office


Winners get to launch a collection while working as part of the CaratLane design team

CDI Learnings:


Production training


Merchandising training


Exposure to marketing


Store Visit


Visit to IIJS show


Field trip based on project

CDI Earnings:


A fixed stipend


Visibility on all our platforms




Royalty on design


Potential to be recruited full-time at CaratLane


Silver proto or RPT for college presentation

How to apply


Submit your entry by e-mailing your portfolio to

Our team will evaluate your submissions & shortlist few entries.

Shortlisted submissions will be eligible for round 2.

And the top 3 or 4 participants will win the contest to be CDI design'preneurs!

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of the winning candidate will be assessed on the below parameters:

  • Design: Concept, aesthetic impact, creativity and innovation
  • Technique: Wearability, functionality, pricing and technical excellence
  • Marketing: Storytelling and presentation

CaratLane was founded with a refreshing and courageous objective – to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable. How do we know that there’s a need for us? We spoke to women across the country about their tastes and their lifestyles. And we discovered a crazy paradox. Despite their love for jewellery – and how important jewellery is for their personal style and individuality – most women were forced to keep their jewellery in their lockers. Where it was safe, but unwearable on an everyday basis. They were forced to choose between expensive jewellery for special occasions, and everyday jewellery that was of inferior quality and unable to project their personal style and values. And we started CaratLane to change this. Recently in July, 2016 CaratLane got into a strategic investment deal with the Titan Company, a Tata Group organisation.

Our Design Philosophy

The process of creating our jewellery begins with an inspiration or an insight. Ones that either stem from revisiting classic designs from a modernist view or bringing a fresh inspiration to life.

We continually revisit the idea that we hold dear – beautiful jewellery that is forever wearable. Our designs always come with a unique CaratLane touch, be it in the form of innovation in style or technique.


The Winning Design’preneurs’ Experience

The first two years of the CaratLane Design Incubator Programme has been a huge hit, thanks to the overwhelming response from the participants of prestigious institutes like NIFT, NID, Pearl as well as individual designers from various backgrounds. This year too, we have planned a similar programme where students studying jewellery design or have already graduated as designers can apply and stand a chance to bag a 6-month internship with CaratLane to become a design’preneur.



Saumya Profile “CaratLane's CDI program is a great platform for budding designers like us to showcase our designs and work to the market, see it's response and understand the market point of view of the same. It was my first time working in for precious jewellery and the experience was amazing. Learnt a lot about precious jewellery, from getting the designs right as per gold weights to calculating the diamond weights. There's a lot more to a design which is equally important for a designer to understand.

I am glad that I got a chance to work with the supportive and encouraging caratlane team and designed my first gold collection "Noor-e-Kashmir". And industry experience is where one amalgamates their theoretical and practical knowledge.

I would like to thank the design and merchandise team to help me discover my strengths and weakness. So that I can work on them and get better.

Thanks CaratLane! ? ”


Komal ProfileWorking at Caratlane was an amazing experience. Hands on work experience on jewellery and involvement in live project was great learning for me. Met some wonderful people and made friends for lifetime. I am grateful to Caratlane for giving me this opportunity.


Pragati ProfileI have recently graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad. I always wanted to be a jewelry designer and Caratlane was one of the companies which I dreamed of working in. Caratlane design Incubator was an opportunity for me to follow my dreams and prove myself right. When I got shortlisted for the Internship, It was a dream come true for me and I was very excited to join the company.

The working environment in Caratlane was very friendly and I never felt that I was new to the company. It was great experience as I actually learned how to work in a professional environment. I learned a lot of new things apart from design. I also got an opportunity to work on the new Silver Project Caratlane is working on. It was great exposure for me as I learned everything in silver from its roots,I visited different cities for exploring silver and the techniques used in it. All the interns were equally involved in every design meetings and were given equal importance on our opinion. I also visited silver factory to see the production of my collection and the feeling of seeing your designs made was beautiful. And by the time my Internship ended, I had a bag full of knowledge, learnings,and a new family. But it was not the end as I got an opportunity to join Caratlane as an employee and I didn’t want to leave this opportunity.

Caratlane is one of best thing happened in my Life.


Shubhangi ProfileFrom the welcoming and cheerful environment of the office to the helping and inspiring colleagues, my time in caratlane helped me grow my experience, values, and personality. I have a great respect for this experience and opportunity.



Asna Profile “I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar by opting for a specialisation in Jewellery Design.

When CaratLane came to college with the Design Incubator proposal, I jumped at the opportunity as it sounded very promising. I decided to apply for it and to my surprise, I got through.

On my first day, I was quite nervous about the new experience but the moment entered office I felt very comfortable. The people were extremely welcoming and the work environment was warm and friendly.

Soon after I joined, I was given the responsibility to design the Ikat collection for Akshay Tritiya. The entire collection took around 3 months to complete and I enjoyed being a part of it at every step. My software skills, designs skills and presentation skills improved at each step. I could also take the liberty to explore my creative abilities.

The design team is one of the best to work with. Amazingly friendly, creative people who made me feel I belonged there since day one. Along with the Ikat collection, I also worked on the 22kt gold component jewellery collection for which we were taken to the Titan factory in Hosur, Bangalore. At Hosur, all the designers collectively sat and put the components together to create new designs. We had a great time as we got a hands-on learning experience and watched the entire manufacturing process at the huge Titan factory. Once our designs were made, we were also involved with the CAD team to get a better idea about the 3-D drawings of the product.

Finally, my collection got launched by the end of April and seeing the designs on the website and in the stores made me happy beyond words can ever say. The last month of the internship was spent learning about the roles of the merchandising, marketing and QC departments and understand the manufacturing process in detail.

By the end of the internship, I not only had a bag full of amazing memories but also amazing friends and mentors. One last thing that this programme did for me was to make me more confident as an individual.”


Aayushi Profile “I recently graduated in Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Design from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar.

My journey in the jewellery industry started right when I entered the final semester of my college life. Obviously, we were used to the hard work for the last 7 semesters but this one was going to be the most exciting but challenging one. We were going to enter the industry to intern for a big span of almost 22 weeks. Here, the first challenge was to get into a really good company which not only helps me to kick start my career as a designer but also enriches me as an independent being.

Just when we had to list down our options for an internship, we had a mail from the department about the CaratLane Design Incubator Competition. CaratLane being one of the most successful companies today, was already on the top of most of my batchmates lists and this was going to be the very opportunity for all of us to hit there. I applied for the programme and after almost 15 days when we had the results, I came to know that I had made it. The following 6 months weren’t easy, but the CaratLane family made the learning a comfortable and happy journey which was all worth the effort.

CaratLane not only built me as a designer but also helped me grew as an individual. Each step in the process of the collections, I had all the departments to my help. Everybody was so kind and generous all the time. They came forward to interact, help, suggest and guide me where I was wrong or needed improvement. Those 6 months were a power pack of challenges, group discussions, learning, and excitement.

During the internship, we not only interned in the design department but also had an opportunity to visit, explore and work with various other departments in the company. We had a styling and photography project with the marketing team, meeting and discussion sessions with all the heads and co-heads of the company, team visits for trend study in the local market or lifestyle events like Lil Flea’s, and personal interactions with the CAD departments to learn the technical knowledge of every jewel piece we make.

Other than such inter company relations, we also got a chance to have vendor meetings and intra-company events and discussions. Also, the most exciting experience was the one week trip to the Titan Factory, Hosur where we had an interactive project going on. All-in-all, the best part was when the jewellery I designed was actually put on the website and in store for the customers to buy.

After all the hard work and a beautiful experience, we had our final jury for the internship and thanks to CaratLane I was able to complete my 4-year journey of becoming a designer with flying colours.”



Commitment Required

Facilities provided in the CDI program

  • What support will I get if I participate in this programme?- +
    • As part of the CDI programme, each participant will be provided following support:
      • - Infrastructure
      • - Mentorship on jewellery design and the different aspects of a colletion launch, including the business aspects
      • - Vendor production training
      • - Merchandising training
      • - Exposure to marketing
      • - Visit to jewellery shows
      • - Visibility on all our platforms / channels
      • - Certificate after completion of the internship
      • - Royalty on design
      • - Potential to be recruited full-time at CaratLane if the work is exemplary
  • Will I be paid anything for being part of the CDI programme? - +
    • Participants joining the CDI programme will be entitled to receive a fixed stipend. Any boarding, lodging and other living expenses incurred in Mumbai shall be borne by selected participants.

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Submit your entry by e-mailing your portfolio to

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