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Rising Star RingRising Star Ring
$ 2,309 $ 2,480
Save 10% on Diamond Prices + Extra ...
Rising Star Ring

Set in 18 Kt Yellow Gold (14.26 gms) with diamonds (1.59 Ct,IJ-SI) Certified by SGL

Save 10% on Diamond Prices + Extra ...

$ 2,309$ 2,480

    • SKU
    • JR03895-YGP900
    • Metal/Purity
    • 18 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 14.26 gms
    • Diamond Weight
    • 1.59 Ct
    • Diamond Quality
    • IJ-SI

Designs of Diamond Rings for Special Occasion

Marriage is timeless and ageless and so are diamonds; seal a lifetime relationship with a dazzling diamond wedding ring from CaratLane’s exclusive collection of diamond wedding bands. It was once said that diamond is a woman’s best friend. That does not hold true anymore. Men too fancy diamond rings with neat cuts. Whether it’s a diamond sitting on a yellow gold, white gold or platinum, it’s the glitter of the diamond band that stands for the unbreakable promise made to one another.

Simple and Sophisticated CaratLane’s wedding diamond ring designs

Diamond ring designs are all about the cuts-round cut, princess cut, oval cut, emerald cut and cushion cut; round cut being the most popular among all. A special occasion made unforgettable with an undying love band that can be worn for a lifespan.

An Eternal Vow

With niche designs and svelte cuts, diamond eternity bands are made to woo both men and women. While diamond rings for men are simple yet intrepid, diamond rings for women are more artistic and show off a variety of designs. Elegant and stylish, these are created in such a way that they will remain in vogue forever. Choose from the wide range of diamond ring bands by CaratLane to find that flawless band for your perfect life partner.

Looking for a Dream Wedding Ring?

Find that ring with the perfect cut, unquestionable clarity, flawless colour and desired carat weight. Shape and size matters too. Decide what you want and you will find it all at CaratLane. Whether it is bands or subtle rings, the variety at CaratLane is sure to melt your heart.
  • Diamond rings for weddings can never go wrong. Diamond engagement ring settings are crafted to impart an aristocratic and unchanging look; solitaires are a woman’s sweetest dream come true.

  • The double tone of gold wedding rings in yellow and white look immaculate and graceful. Diamond on yellow gold looks lustrous and white gold diamond ring is alluring and involving.

  • Whether you buy a ‘Lucy Double Halo Ring’ or pick from ‘Five stone Family rings’, your love will be secured forever. And if you want to gift your love something contemporary, then ‘Anarkali Platinum Band for Her’ is your sure bet.

  • A square or round cut diamond band will look just perfect on a gentleman. Unembellished yet sophisticated, men like it simple and neat; and CaratLane offers you classic as well as the newest designs in this.

  • Beguiling and Beautiful Diamond Wedding Rings

    An extensive assortment of gold and platinum diamond wedding rings are available at CaratLane, starting from Rs. 8500 to Rs. 45000. Attractive price for a charming buy.
    CaratLane’s customer service is one of the best in the market. Whether you hit their stores, or buy something online, CaratLane makes the whole procedure of selection and procurement special. Their Try@home is a very convenient and a heedful service. You can pick your choicest diamond by trying it around your finger right at the comfort of your home.

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