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Gardenia Floral BangleGardenia Floral Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 2,209 $ 2,454
Flat 10% off
Haiya Leafy BangleHaiya Leafy Bangle
Antique Gold Bangle
$ 2,591
Ira Layered Chand BaliIra Layered Chand Bali
Antique Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 2,089
Oro Corona Drop EarringsOro Corona Drop Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 1,177
Subra Beaded Chand BaliSubra Beaded Chand Bali
Antique Gold Earrings
$ 2,541
Muriel Coin Drop EarringsMuriel Coin Drop Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 1,094
Fiona Beaded Strands BraceletFiona Beaded Strands Bracelet
22 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 3,074
Eliza Lace BraceletEliza Lace Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 3,103
Zinnia Droplet Chand BaliZinnia Droplet Chand Bali
Antique Gold Earrings
$ 3,391
Ella Clustered PendantElla Clustered Pendant
Antique Gold Pendant
$ 1,844
Orabel Swirled Drop EarringsOrabel Swirled Drop Earrings
Antique Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 1,391
Aylin Beaded Tassel JhumkasAylin Beaded Tassel Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 1,220
Tania Pearl Drop JhumkasTania Pearl Drop Jhumkas
Antique Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 1,640
Kaia Layered Chand BaliKaia Layered Chand Bali
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chand Bali
$ 2,231
Laleh Rose Drop EarringsLaleh Rose Drop Earrings
Antique Gold Earrings
$ 1,161
Eldora Beaded JhumkasEldora Beaded Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 1,969
Bimbi Pivot PendantBimbi Pivot Pendant
Casual 22 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 1,309
Alka Ornate Drop EarringsAlka Ornate Drop Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 1,636
Ela Wavy PendantEla Wavy Pendant
Casual 22 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 1,788
Diti Deco Drop EarringsDiti Deco Drop Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 1,309

Travel back into time with glorious vintage jewellery

As naturally inquisitive creatures, we human beings love to know about our past and our history. We like to explore the times gone by and in a way try to emulate our past generations by getting access to their style of clothing, jewellery, etc. Owning such ornaments helps us to connect to times bygone and CaratLane, India's leading online jewellery store is the right place if one has to fulfil this desire. With a host of designs available on this online platform, it is easy to go back into time and bring home time-tested vintage jewellery while gaining the respect of antique jewellery lovers too.

You will surely become the centre of attraction at any party or occasion that you become a part of, with the jewellery dazzling everyone present with its excellent craftsmanship and attractive looks. Every single ornament has the unmistakable stamp of CaratLane's artistry and the range includes earrings, pendants, bangles and bracelets. They are crafted out of 18Kt and 22Kt Yellow Gold and are ideal for evening wear and at special occasions like Weddings and Engagement ceremonies. This kind of jewellery can be identified with the intricate designing and delicate work that has been a part of our culture and history for ages.

Age-old designs are traditionally bought alive @ CaratLane's online store

The artisans work diligently to recreate the magic of the bygone era and bring them right at your doorstep, so grab them without losing any valuable time. Intricate designing and high quality workmanship are the highlights of this masterpiece of antique jewellery. Match it with the dazzling Ella Clustered Pendant, created from 30.88 grams of 22Kt Yellow Gold and you are sure to attract attention that will make other envious.

While browsing through CaratLane's shopping platform, you will not be able to resist the allure of the Haiya Leafy Bangle that weighs a hefty 43.41 grams of 22Kt yellow gold. Let it adorn your hand and entice anyone who lays eyes on it. The unmistakable distinguished look it imparts will surely drive you make this once-in-a-lifetime purchase at one of the most trusted platforms for online jewellery. CaratLane has partnered with Tanishq which has further enhanced it reputation as a reliable place to shop for weddings and other important occasions of your life.

Vintage Jewellery at the click of a button

CaratLane is a leader in its industry and has brought about revolutionary changes in the way jewellery shopping is carried out in our country. Antique Earrings in the form of jhumkas, tops, danglers and drops offer an amazing choice to even the most discerning of buyers. Chandelier earrings have been a trusted favourite of women for generations and you should surely consider the stunning Rati Embellished Chand Bali set in 13.73 grams of 22Kt Yellow gold if you wish to bring back memories of old times in a jiffy.

Indian tradition has encouraged women to get decked up in a plethora of ornaments and there is no better place to shop for them than at CaratLane. Imagine yourself adorned with the mesmerizing pendant and chain combination while gorgeous earrings and necklaces add that dash of authenticity to your beauty.

Beginning at an affordable Rs 30000, these great-looking antique jewellery pieces rise upto as high as Rs 2.5 lacs, such is the flexibility CaratLane offers, depending on your budget and requirement. Try out the Fiona Beaded Strands Bracelet and experience quality designs and artistry of the highest level in this 22Kt Yellow gold masterpiece, designed with you in mind. This antique gold jewellery is worth adding to your flourishing collection of ornaments to be worn at super-special occasions and parties.

The CaratLane Advantage is obvious

Apart from the massive savings that you make while shop at CaratLane online store for beautiful ornaments, you are in the trusted hands of experts who are preferred by thousands of quality-conscious buyers like yourself. We have always put our customers before our profits and this is visible in every single transaction that is carried out with us, as we strive to satisfy our customer's needs at any cost. It isn't a wonder that you are at your relaxed best when you purchase the best jewellery at our online platform, since we work hard to keep it that way.

CaratLane forces to bring unheard transparency and trust to the process of jewellery shopping by employing the most stringent of regulations. For example, the third party certifications from world-famous labs like GIA, IGI, HRD amongst others, for all the diamonds used by us to create these masterpieces. The life-time exchange is a unique feature offered in case you plan to give yourself a jewellery makeover. Top this with a 100% refund for any returns that are done within 30 days of purchase and you have a winning deal all the way.

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