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Pyramid BanglePyramid Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 4,009 $ 4,292
Save 10% on Diamond prices
Tranquility BangleTranquility Bangle
Essentials Diamond Bangle
$ 859
Ariel Twist BangleAriel Twist Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 937
Cara Bloom BangleCara Bloom Bangle
Essentials Diamond Bangle
$ 848
Twine BangleTwine Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 2,878 $ 3,226
Save 15% on Diamond prices
Filigree Knot BangleFiligree Knot Bangle
Classic Diamond Bangle
$ 3,888 $ 4,172
Save 10% on Diamond prices
Creeper Wave BangleCreeper Wave Bangle
18 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 4,098
Swirl Filigree BangleSwirl Filigree Bangle
Designer Gold Bangle
$ 730
Curvaceous Gold BangleCurvaceous Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,320
Twisty Curl Gold BangleTwisty Curl Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 936
Intricate Pattern Gold BangleIntricate Pattern Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 946
Filigree and Wave Gold BangleFiligree and Wave Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,226
Spiral Twist Gold Bangle Set of 3Spiral Twist Gold Bangle Set of 3
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 906
Three-Tone Pattern Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,206
Straight Facet Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,206
Deco Pattern Gold BangleDeco Pattern Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,470
Crossover Texture Gold BangleCrossover Texture Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,000
Crossover Deco Gold BangleCrossover Deco Gold Bangle
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,647
Filigree Bead Gold BangleFiligree Bead Gold Bangle
22 Kt Yellow Gold Bangle
$ 1,457
Swish Gold BangleSwish Gold Bangle
Traditional Gold Bangle
$ 919


From time immemorial, jewellery for the wrist has been worn by people irrespective of gender or class. In India, even an infant has black bangles around his or her chubby wrists to ward off the evil eye. For brides, bangles are an important part of the “solah shringar” on the wedding day. On the CaratLane website, one can choose the right adornment for the wrists from over 200 designs of bangles and bracelets.

With You, Through Thick and Thin

CaratLane has over 50 unique designs in gold bangles. Choose the 22 carat gold bangles for wedding jewellery. These designs range from the traditional to the fashionably modern. The 18 carat yellow gold bangle designs include thick bangles like the intricate Gardenia floral or the Azalea ornate. The Khalisa, Nyssa and Agnela cutwork bangles look like delicate jaali work in gold. The thin bangle designs for daily wear like the Kiara spiral, Jun leaf and the Ila textured gold designs would even gain your grandmother’s approval.

The 18 carat yellow gold bracelets range from a barely-there string, with or without diamonds, to regular bangle-sized accessories. The 18 carat white gold bracelets like the Mystique tennis and the Dazzle tennis bracelets comprise of a row of diamonds set in gold. These and the 18 carat rose tone bangles with filigree designs are best combined with office attire.

The dual tone bracelets look delicate and the Floral and Flutter bracelet designs compliment party wear. Gold kadas in the Kellie cut out and Adele geometric designs can also be accessorised with office attire. The gemstone bangle or the Kin Ethno comprises of a black onyx that beautifully contrasts with the 22 carat gold.

Ornati Collection by Farah Khan

The signature motif of the Farah Khan collection is the Turkish evil eye in a gold setting with or without diamonds and other gemstones. The Clara Lee and the Hera fortune designs have the complete ‘Hand-with-evil-eye’ motif. The Bouquet elegance, Flock opulence and Heartthrob are simple and elegant 18 carat yellow gold bracelets set with diamonds.

Bracelets for Men

There are at least 10 different designs such as the Brad, Craig and Victor bracelets which look modish and can be worn as casual accessories by men. Most of them are solid dark coloured bands with diamonds set in 18 carat gold. For more festive occasions choose from the “Entwine”, the “Flexible” or the “Textured” bracelets, which are pure 22 carat gold.

Bracelets for Children

A small dolphin leaping over a wave of diamonds (Charming Dolfin) or a gold swastika on a traditional string of spaced out black beads (Circle swastika) make good bracelets for children.

CaratLane Leads You by the Hand

At CaratLane, we understand that choosing jewellery is not a one-step process. This is why the website showcases all the designs as best as possible. You may also “Try At Home” some of the designs. Otherwise, check for a 30-day money back offer. Once you have made your choice, payment can be through credit/debit card, cheque, Western Union Money Transfer or online transfers. All CaratLane, products come with a lifetime warranty and a buyback option.

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