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Cocktail Rings

Get Cocktail Rings and Stand out with Confidence

Cocktail rings are a class apart as they are the perfect definition of all things sophisticated and classy. All cocktail ring designs are created keeping in mind one major fact – whether they are worn by themselves, or with a slew or set of other rings, they must never fail to make a statement. From intricate detailing that is studded with diamonds to minimalistic lines and figures, these 18 Kt cocktail rings at have enough.

Ringshave always been regarded as a bold style statement for every occasion, be it a single solitaire or a heavily studded band – they are the perfect accessories for every event. A tastefully crafted ring can do wonders as an ornamental piece, and can add poise and glamour to a relatively simple outfit. Rings are the perfect ornament for each and every occasion, instantly radiating confidence and style to the wearer.

The Goodness of Cocktail

Gold cocktail rings such as Kaizer ring contain an array of tiny solitaires and are considered to be the epitome of classic style. Gold exudes a vintage charm like no other metal and this is reflected well in the various other designs contained under this category.
  • For those who prefer a bit of dazzle and shine, the diamond cocktail rings are a perfect choice. A diamond actually is forever as they are able to handle wear and tear over the years without losing their luster, and the designs for these rings are evergreen, sophisticated and alluring.
  • The Pamela diamond ring, with a huge red gemstone at the centre, is a unique piece under the cocktail red rings collection.
  • The Claire Crossover Ring, with its dainty blue gem, is a priceless addition to the collection of gemstone cocktail rings. Its minimalistic design has such an appeal that lends a sophisticated grace to the wearer.
  • Another option for lovers of minimal designs is the huge collection of solitaire cocktail rings which carry the power of having maximum effect with minimum design.
  • The Spiral Solitaire Ring has one giant solitaire at the centre and tiny gemstones at the sides of the band. An extremely elegant piece, it can go with all outfits and is fit for all occasions as well as daily use.
  • The Hera Solitaire Ring can act as a perfect anniversary gift with a dainty heart-shaped solitaire supported by polished silver bands on both sides.
  • If bright colours are not your choice, then cocktail white gold rings are an apt choice.

  • Cocktail jewellery is widely desired by all strata of society and by all age groups. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a dazzling accessory, yet classy, sophisticated and modern. A large number of diamond cocktail ring designs are available at CaratLane , with over 85 stunning pieces.

    Easy to Buy

    To buy cocktail rings online at is a hassle-free process. With prices, ranging starting from Rs. 9,000 and reaching Rs. 50,000 various payment possibilities are available for ease of purchase.

    We also have a Try@Home option for our customers to try on jewellery in the comfort of their own home, before deciding on a purchase.

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