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Carey Oval Twist PendantCarey Oval Twist Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 416
Vika Intact Cage RingVika Intact Cage Ring
Casual Rings Women 18 Kt Rose Gold Ring
$ 501
Alley Looped Drop EarringsAlley Looped Drop Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 749
Lara Droplet PendantLara Droplet Pendant
Creative Diamond Pendant
$ 400 $ 444
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Lisa Spread EarringsLisa Spread Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 341
Marica  Unfurl BraceletMarica  Unfurl Bracelet
Flexible Diamond Bracelet
$ 303 $ 310
Flat 5% off on Diamond Prices
Lia Intertwisted RingLia Intertwisted Ring
Contemporary Diamond Women Ring
$ 341
Lien Bud RingLien Bud Ring
Casual Rings Women 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 338
Suki Wing BraceletSuki Wing Bracelet
18 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 220 $ 235
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Jessy Bloom Drop EarringsJessy Bloom Drop Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 412
Billy Bloom Drop EarringsBilly Bloom Drop Earrings
Floral Diamond Earrings
$ 931
Lara Droplet Drop EarringsLara Droplet Drop Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 462 $ 509
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Fiona Fold NecklaceFiona Fold Necklace
$ 412
Aradia Crown Drop EarringsAradia Crown Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 440 $ 476
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Lola Popple Drop EarringsLola Popple Drop Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 567
Keira Wave EarringsKeira Wave Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Hoops and Huggies
$ 358
Suki Wing Drop EarringsSuki Wing Drop Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Pearl Earrings
$ 373
Suki Wing NecklaceSuki Wing Necklace
Diamond Y Necklace
$ 467
Rumi Ruffle Drop EarringsRumi Ruffle Drop Earrings
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 901
Leaf Drop EarringsLeaf Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 803

Own Diorama Jewellery and Wear a Work of art

With the Diorama collection, we bring to you a new era of beautiful designs enthused by the French Milgrain technique. Here, the real beauty lies in the details. Crafted in 18 Kt gold, with designs that are modern and minimalist, bold yet light, much like the new-age woman the beauty of Diorama lies in its ingrained details. This collection is priced in the flexible range of Rs 12,500 to Rs 55,000.

The Modern Look from The Inspiration of Vintage Design

The Diorama Collection styles a vintage technique of detailing into modern jewellery, fusing it with urbane designs. Diorama, historically, stands for a work of art wherein the real beauty lies in its details. And, much like its namesake, the Diorama Collection encapsulates the intricate milgrain setting of the Art Nouveau era with the new-age technology of 3D-printed jewellery mould to create these modern masterpieces.

During the Belle Epoque, French for “Beautiful Era,” in the early 20th century, the world witnessed a rise of graceful and artistic jewellery. One of the key techniques that evolved then was the milgrain technique. It often appears along the edges of rings, used to bring a texture and adornment to a piece of jewellery.

The milgrain setting serves as an accent, a sort of frame, highlighting the beauty of the scattered diamonds at the centre of all designs of the Diorama Collection. The designs embrace the beauty of micro-mosaics in playful styles, intricate cut-out designs and scalloped edges that allow seamless passage of light. With that signature milgrain detailed feel and complemented with a scatter of diamonds, the Diorama Collection features pendants, , rings, bracelets and necklaces.

You can feel free to try the pieces from Diorama at home with our flexible Try@Home policy. This will help you eliminate all the doubts in your mind before you buy. To further convenience our customers, we offer our one-of-a-kind app that allows users to virtually try-on earrings to see how they look. This app helps leave nothing to imagination and ensures you know just what the piece of earring you are interested in will look like on you.

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