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Amer Ornate Lawn Drop Earrings
Cut Out Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 404
Graceful Filigree Hoop EarringsGraceful Filigree Hoop Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Hoops and Huggies
$ 458
Floret Pearl String NecklaceFloret Pearl String Necklace
$ 305 $ 319
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Cosmic Gold Stud EarringsCosmic Gold Stud Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 418
Leila Cutout BraceletLeila Cutout Bracelet
18 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 368
Peach Ruffle Drop EarringsPeach Ruffle Drop Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 393
Amer Fountain Drop Earrings
Cut Out Gold Synthetic Ruby Earrings
$ 355
Charlotte 3 Row BraceletCharlotte 3 Row Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 308 $ 343
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Dee Hexagonal Ripple NecklaceDee Hexagonal Ripple Necklace
$ 301 $ 332
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Spencer Geometric BraceletSpencer Geometric Bracelet
Oval Gold Bracelet
$ 400
Divi Beaded Gold Drop EarringsDivi Beaded Gold Drop Earrings
Traditional Gold Earrings
$ 338
Firm Interlaced Cable Gold ChainFirm Interlaced Cable Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 417
Spiral Chained Drop EarringsSpiral Chained Drop Earrings
Fashion Gold Earrings
$ 362 $ 403
Flat 25% off on Making Charges
Ella Stamped Stud EarringsElla Stamped Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 410
Oval Textured BraceletOval Textured Bracelet
22 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 529
Kruksha Plume Ear JacketsKruksha Plume Ear Jackets
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Jackets
$ 365
Folded Filigree JhumkasFolded Filigree Jhumkas
Designer Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 361
Pearl Pear Drop EarringsPearl Pear Drop Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Drops and Dangler
$ 373
Kellie Cutout BraceletKellie Cutout Bracelet
18 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 493
Connie Criss-Cross BraceletConnie Criss-Cross Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 479
Christa Hammered BraceletChrista Hammered Bracelet
22 Kt Yellow Gold Women Bracelet
$ 328
Simply Tiny Stud EarringsSimply Tiny Stud Earrings
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 344 $ 365
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Gold Jewellery

To an Indian, the idea of jewellery in general is anything that's moulded in that bright tone of yellow gold. Quite rightly so, this shimmering material resonates preciousness and aesthetic qualities. This dazzling metal is so malleable that it can be crafted in many ways to be fit numerous gold jewellery designs.

Looking Back to Where It Began

Long before humans realised the versatility of gold, they were first struck with its exuberance when they discovered it as little lopsided shiny nuggets in streams throughout the world. All the developing cultures then took a natural liking to this lustrous find, and so began our experiment with gold.

Soon gold began to signify power and was associated with gods, rulers, beauty and wealth everywhere. It became the currency of mankind but more importantly it became precious jewellery worn by everyone. The first gold chains and bracelets were adorned by early Egyptians back around 2500 B.C. Traces of heavy gold ornaments in the form of gold necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants, pins and brooches have been discovered in tombs and excavations worldwide, including India.

Traditional Indian Gold Jewellery

Our own history is also painted in shades of gold. Traditional Indian gold jewellery that originated from the various dynasties that ruled us has assimilated into our culture. Many of us have inherited such heirloom jewellery from our grandmothers or have chosen to buy these traditional pieces for their unique ethnic essence. One thing's for sure, such traditional gold jewellery designs continue to hold great sentimental and aesthetic value even today.

However, if traditional is not your thing, it's time to look at gold in a fresh new way.

Going Un-Nostalgic about Gold

CaratLane conducted a survey, Unlearning Gold, in March 2016, to discover the new-age perceptions, tastes and preferences related to gold jewellery in the country. From simple gold chain designs to a modern twist on traditional jewellery, the finding from this survey tells you how women want to reinvent the conventions of gold in different ways.

If you feel like breaking away from the traditional nostalgia and embrace latest gold jewellery, pull out the old gold from the lockers and exchange it for new designs.

Buying Gold Jewellery Online

Purchasing gold is not just about picking the right designs; it is also about spending on a worthy buy. And that is why you need to know the logistics about Karat, making charges and wastage. This will make you a smart buyer when it comes to such a vital purchase.

Taking care of gold jewellery

Gold can last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. From cleaning to storing and wearing them the right way, our gold care guide will help you take care of your precious jewellery.

And finally, remember, gold can never get too old. Every piece of gold jewellery you buy will continue to be valuable even years after. So, pick a design of your choice in glorious gold.

At CaratLane, our gold jewellery price starts from Rs. 3,500. Discover our wide range of gold rings, gold earrings, gold bangles, gold chains, gold necklace, gold pendants and all kinds of gold jewellery online or visit any of our stores!

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