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Gold Bangles

Adorn Your Wrists with Gold Bangles

With a rich tradition dating back centuries, gold bangles have a soft spot in the Indian culture. Dressing up on festivals, weddings, and other special occasions is incomplete without gold bangles adorned with diamonds, or other gemstones.

In many communities, gold bangles interspersed with green glass bangles stand as a sign of the married woman. With supreme and delicate craftsmanship, gold bangles have been a popular piece of jewellery for the young as well as the young at heart, with its beauty that transcends generations. Sentimental values lie in the background of every piece of gold jewellery, and gold bangles are not ones to be left out. They depict strong women with feminine grace, and they symbolise the antique customs and timelessness of these bangles, making sure their enchanting allure stays alive for years to come.

Colours to choose from Yellow, white, rose, and two-tone are the colours our bangles come in.
  • The Gia Lined Rose Gold Bangle is a great choice for everyday wear. Handcrafted from 18 Kt rose gold, its weight of 6.71 gms makes it popular in the gold bangle collections.
  • For a dressier or ethnic look, the Haiya Leafy Bangle, made of 22 Kt yellow gold is a chunky piece that can be adorned at occassions, be it any.
  • The Archy Leaf Clone Bangle, meanwhile, is a fusion of the contemporary and traditional.

  • Golden Beauty

    The designer gold bangles offered by are categorized into two—thick bangles or thin bangles. These sleek and modern hand jewellery pieces are themed differently. Some are traditional, floral, designer, or contemporary and are crafted in 18 Kt or 22 Kt gold.

    With bangles ranging from Rs.16,700 to Rs.3,75,000, these 18 Kt gold bangles and 22 Kt gold bangles are perfect for everyday wear, casual attire, and for lending a touch of glamour to every occasion. You can find also light weight gold bangles designs starts with price Rs.24,831.

    Beautiful Themes

    The latest gold bangle designs are available in different themes, and are chosen based upon the tastes and preferences of the wearer.

    Traditional bangles, with a more vintage vibe, are perfect for those with a traditional preference, and flaunt that gold bangle with every outfit.

    Floral patterns provide a more daring and striking look for a fashion faithful style of jewellery in the latest designs of gold bangles.

    Designer looks and contemporary styles of gold bangles are for the modern and the minimalistic jewellery wearers. Though intricately designed, these timeless treasures could even be considered as the daily wear gold bangles, or the office wear gold bangles.

    Ease of Purchase

    To buy gold bangles online can be a daunting task. With CaratLane app it is now much easier to shop for the collections you covet, from the comfort of your own home. If you want to touch and feel the piece, our Try-at-Home feature is also available for all customers. If you cannot find what you’re looking for at our stores, or would like to try on any design, our curators and experts offer you options and suggestions. The advice given by the curators will also match with your tastes, as they will help you figure out the best design of gold bangle for you.

    With 30 days of cashback guarantee, the offers we give you are sure to delight.

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