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Gold Jewellery For Women

Buy Graceful Gold Jewellery for the fashion-conscious Women

With exquisite pieces made with excellent craftsmanship and intricate design, gold jewellery is what makes up most jewellery collections. Gold Jewellery has always been regarded as the kind of jewellery that exudes grace and has rich history and traditional importance. has both 18 Kt gold jewellery for women and 22 Kt gold jewellery for women, along with a plethora of gorgeous designs. Be it bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings, there are many wonderful eye-catching designs that are set to cater to the different needs of different women. We understand that each woman, being unique with a very strong character, must have jewellery to complement their bold personalities.

Gold and Beautiful

With over 400 different types of gold jewellery products to satisfy every desire, CaratLane’s carefully curated collection of gold jewellery is ideal for every woman.
  • Gold earrings for women, such as Kim Grape Stud Earrings and Kiva Floral Drop Earrings are the perfect examples of stunning earrings that can add great charm.
  • The Haiya Leaf Bangle, belonging to the collection of gold bangles for women, is a beautiful and ornate piece of jewellery that can be worn with a saree as well as an evening gown. Its contemporary design allows it to be used with a variety of outfits and fit perfectly well with all.
  • Gold pendants for women are also becoming very popular as they give the choice to buy the chain that you desire and wear with the pendant. These pendants can very well be coordinated with gold rings for women which are available in a number of designs, studded with solitaires and diamonds, making them all the more desirable.
  • The Maple Rose Gold Bangle made of 18 Kt rose gold is simple in its design. Its minimalistic design ensures that it will be the ideal piece for any occasion. Whether it is for daily wear, or a festive affair, this gold bangle is a contemporary piece that will appeal to jewellery-lovers of all ages.
  • The Trinity Ring for Her is made of 18 Kt yellow and white gold, intertwined to form a perfect blend of rich colours. This ring is a wonderful piece, and its clean-cut design is perfect for daily wear.

  • With gold jewellery for women starting at a price of Rs. 3,000 and going upto Rs. 3,66,000 makes for a flexible range for anyone who wants to buy gold.

    Ease of Purchase

    Buy Gold Jewellery online for women at and get your favourite piece delivered to you at your house. The Try@Home feature allows you to choose your favourite piece of jewellery and try it on from the comfort of your own home.

    Similarly, the 3D virtual app made available by CaratLane is a brilliant way of bringing a real-life shopping experience while trying on gold earrings, making the entire shopping experience a lot more fun and interesting.

    With easy payment options and hassle-free billing, buying online at is sure to be a joyful experience.

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