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Delight Texture Link Gold ChainDelight Texture Link Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 461
Grand Foxtail Weave Gold ChainGrand Foxtail Weave Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 292
Drop Link Gold ChainDrop Link Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 301
Triple Ball Gold ChainTriple Ball Gold Chain
Heavy Gold Chain
$ 1,160
Dual Line Curb Gold ChainDual Line Curb Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 324
Ayog Linked BraceletAyog Linked Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 408
Plush Foxtail Weave Gold ChainPlush Foxtail Weave Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 807
Deco Foxtail Weave Gold ChainDeco Foxtail Weave Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 415
Patterned Strap Men's BraceletPatterned Strap Men's Bracelet
22 Kt Yellow Gold Men Bracelet
$ 730
Daksh Mesh BraceletDaksh Mesh Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 759
Adler Gold Band for HimAdler Gold Band for Him
Classic Gold Men Ring
$ 280
Fine Venetian Gold ChainFine Venetian Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 631
Allure Gold Band for HimAllure Gold Band for Him
Classic Gold Men Ring
$ 271
Hiran Gold Kada for HimHiran Gold Kada for Him
Classic Gold Bangle
$ 1,388
Ross Gold Band for HimRoss Gold Band for Him
Classic Gold Men Ring
$ 311
Geometric Lined Men's BraceletGeometric Lined Men's Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 927
Aaryan Gold Kada For Him
Classic Gold Bangle
$ 1,530
Etched Pattern Strap Men's BraceletEtched Pattern Strap Men's Bracelet
Flexible Gold Bracelet
$ 799
Raghu Gold Kada For Him
Ethnic Gold Bangle
$ 1,471
Awry Link Gold ChainAwry Link Gold Chain
Two Tone Gold Chain
$ 667

Gold Jewellery for Men – Gold crafted for the Millennial Male

It is no hidden fact that the kings in India have been thorough jewellery enthusiasts. Right from adorning the chunky golden necklaces to wearing the heavy earrings, men of the royal times have signified glory and grandeur. And this trend continues till date as Indian men love to customise their look with a touch of accessorising.

But with the changing times, the taste in jewellery has evolved considerably. From heavy to just a hint, is what today's trend is all about. Let's take a look at some of the most loved jewellery categories among men today.

Gold Rings for Men

Ranking first are the rings for men. Easy to wear and lacking the need for frequent change, these accessories match just about any outfit you wear. In fact, a ring on the finger, especially in the case of men, also has a symbolic value whereby they clearly indicate a marriage or an engagement. The forever young styles in the rings include the four-diamond ring, the solitaire ring and the gold and platinum bands. There is just no going wrong with these as they never, ever go out of fashion.

Gold Chains for Men

The chain ranks second when considering the most-loved ornaments for men. This piece of jewellery is also fairly easy to wear and can be adorned on a daily basis. But this was not the case in the days of the kings and the queens. During the ruling era, India saw the men of the royal palaces wear elaborate necklaces that were made of pearls and diamonds. These were symbols that helped differentiate the commoners from the royal class. Today though, less is more. A chain can be worn for many reasons but often, it is not bulky or heavy. A basic chain that works for office and the after-office hours is the type of jewellery that is worn in abundance among the men of today.

Gold Bracelets for Men

Ranking third on our list are the gold bracelets for men - preferred by males who have a more evolved sense of style. The word bracelet is derived from the Latin term "brachium," which simply means "of the arm." Clearly an ornament for the hand, this wearable enhances the look of any attire. Wear it to a party or an office meeting, a bracelet easily fits into the agenda while making any look special. Experimentation is the key with a bracelet as you can wear one that is heavy while have another one that is like a thin chain around the wrist.

Gold Pendants for Men

Gold pendants are the other type of jewellery ornaments that are often seen on men. These pieces are not worn for adornment as much as they are worn for a specific purpose. The most purchased pendants of today include the religious pendants and the decorative pendants. The religious pendants are worn to signify belief and faith, while the decorative pendants are exchanged by loved ones and worn as a sign of remembrance. These are clearly a result of preference.

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