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Gold Kada For Men

Buy an Everlasting Brilliance in the form of Gold Kadas for Men

These days, gold kadas are not just considered as jewellery for faithful Sikhs. They are also used to symbolise protection, thereby making them relevant for a contemporary lifestyle. CaratLane’s golden kada collection has a variety of designs to choose from, with flexible prices ranging from Rs. 72,000 to Rs. 78,000 shopping for these gold kadas is very easy on our site.

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4 Items

Hiran Gold Kada for Him

Hiran Gold Kada for Him is crafted in {{metal_desc}) (23.58 gms). A understated piece that is designed for everyday wear.

$ 1,051

    • SKU
    • UB00277-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 23.58 gms
Kiaan Gold Kada for Him

Kiaan Gold Kada for Him is designed in {{metal_desc}) (30.41 gms). A subtle piece that goes well with your everyday look.

$ 1,344

    • SKU
    • UB00274-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 30.41 gms
Divit Gold Kada for Him

Divit Gold Kada for Him is set in {{metal_desc}) (31.21 gms). A perfect everyday accompaniment.

$ 1,380

    • SKU
    • UB00275-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 31.21 gms
Hansh Gold Kada for Him

Hansh Gold Kada for Him is created in {{metal_desc}) (30.48 gms). Choose this kada for your regular wear.

$ 1,347

    • SKU
    • UB00276-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 30.48 gms

Bold and Beautiful Jewellery Collection from Caratlane

Fashion forward and minimalistic in its design, kadas are clean-cut and are a bold addition to the man’s everyday attire. With a rich background and timeless significance, Kadas have been worn by men as well as women for over 4 centuries.

Gold kadas for men in traditional yet contemporary designs are perfect for the modern man, as they fit in seamlessly with everyday attire, and are even a smart accessory choice for any event.

Since the Gents’ gold Kadas are generally worn constantly, they need to be sturdy enough to go withstand everyday wear and tear. For this, the solid gold metal is extremely durable as well as beautiful. The regular gold kada for men is made with the highest quality of gold and can range from 18 kt to 22 kt Gold Kadas. These are made to be of optimum weight as well, to ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Get Your Best Pick at CaratLane

CaratLane has a selection of distinctive designs, and varying thicknesses making it convenient to buy gold kadas for men online. These designs combine the beauty of the traditional and classic, with more modern patterns to suit the contemporary world.
  • The Leaf Vein Kada is a one-of-a-kind patterned gold jewellery that is embossed with leaf motifs across the body of the kada. The simplicity in design makes it suitable for everyday wear.
  • The Charming Plain Kada has a minimalistic design, based on the designs of the traditional pieces that used to be worn throughout history.
  • The Knuckle Duster Kada, reminiscent of the battlefield variations, are designed to look like the men’s gold kadas that were used in the past for hand-to-hand combat.
  • The Crescent Kada, made of 22 Kt gold, is a flawlessly cut kada that is lightweight and has a finely detailed finish.

  • Ease of Purchase

    These gold kadas for men are available on CaratLane, and can be bought on the site with ease. With Certificates of Authenticity for all products, and hassle-free payment methods, buying gold kadas at the CaratLane store will be the easiest process.

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