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Gold Maang Tikka
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Gold Maang Tikka - Get The Traditional Sophisticated Look

An essential element of the solah shringaar (the sixteen traditional bridal adornments worn by the bride) a Maang Tikka is considered the highlight of a to-be married woman. Gracefully placed in the center of the forehead, this ornament is one that completes the look of a blushing bride.

Cultural Significance

It was believed that traditionally, an Indian woman wore the gold maang tikka for the first time on the day of her wedding. Etched in precious metals and decorated with diamonds and gemstones, this ornament sits on the agya chakra; which is a spot on the bride's forehead that signifies the holy union of the male and the female, on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

But with time, these beliefs have changed too. Today, the maang tikka is recognized as a gorgeous Indian accessory that has captured the fancy of the fashionistas to become an extremely coveted wedding wardrobe essential.

The Third Eye Connect

Now that we know the cultural significance of this ornament, let us also look at the other important factor, which is - wearing it right. The gold maang tikka as we know is placed on the wearer's hairline with a drop pendant gracefully sitting on the forehead. It is said that on the day of the wedding, the maang tikka signifies the third eye of the bride thus making it an important part of the wedding. This ornament then not only drives away the evil energies but also gives the bride newfound strength to start her journey with wisdom and will.

Types of Maang Tikka

Even though the maang tikka has high cultural and religious significance, no bride shies away from being selective when it comes to this accessory. Matched to the T with the wedding dress, this wedding essential comes in different styles and patterns. Let's look at some of the most trending maang tikka styles.

  • Large Maang Tikka

For the brides who love to be loud and bold, this style is perfect. Available in different geometric shapes and floral patterns or chandbali design, this style comes studded with gemstones and diamonds. Best suited for brides with longer faces and broader foreheads, this maang tikka is easily the highlight of a bride's look.

  • Small Pendant Style Maang Tikkas

These maang tikkas are for the brides who want to reflect grace and go minimalistic. Often the best choice when going for real gold maang tikkas, this design offers just the hint of elegance needed. Best suited for the brides with smaller foreheads and a slightly round face.

  • Jhoomar or Passa

Often worn by the Muslim bride, a Jhoomar or Passa is the kind of maang tikka that hangs on the left side of the bride's forehead. Often, this maang tikka is worn with the one that falls in the center of the forehead. Abundantly found in the most loved fan shape, this piece is chunky and grand.

  • Maha Patti

The women who want their whole forehead to be covered in jewels, this maang tikka is for them. Delicately extending from the main pendant, this maang tikka has extra layers to the side that sit like a crown around the bride's forehead. The true challenge with this maang tikaa is to ensure that it stays in place which can be taken care of with the help of correct styling.

  • Borla

Like a tiny round top, this maang tikka is adorned by women of Rajasthan and Haryana in India. Offering a look that's classy and chic, this piece of ornamentation derives its name from the jujube fruit called Ber or Bor in Hindi. This spherical maang tikka is often embellished with all kinds of gemstones and crystals.

Buying Gold Maang Tikkas Online

In spite of the vast range, the today's woman has a clear idea of the kind of maang tikaa she would want for her special day and which is why we at CaratLane offer a whole range of maang tikkas crafted in gold and enhanced with colourful minakari work. The range of these maang tikkas start from Rs. 16,122 and go up to Rs. 18,949. Discover our extensive range of Gold maang tikkas and other gold jewellery or visit any of our stores to buy some of the most fashionable maang tikka designs available.

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