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Peya Swing Maang TikkaPeya Swing Maang Tikka
Gold Maang Tikka
$ 319
Oni Leaf Maang TikkaOni Leaf Maang Tikka
Gold Maang Tikka
$ 304
Lincy Droplet Maang TikkaLincy Droplet Maang Tikka
Gold Maang Tikka
$ 272
Omi Sway Maang TikkaOmi Sway Maang Tikka
Gold Maang Tikka
$ 306

Dangling Charms on the Forehead of an Indian Bride

There is so much of ingenuity surrounding the beauty of an Indian bride which comes alive through the attractive gold maang tikka designs. These which are enlisted on Caratlane; the one-stop online jewellery shopping destination also combine the benefits of affordability through budget-friendly price offerings.

Typically worn during weddings by the bride herself, these ornate creations have slowly and steadily gained presence in the fashion arena with showstoppers choosing to sport these traditional ornaments. Draped in the garb of trend-setting Indian jewellery, these simple and elegant models supported by attractive images come in as striking embellishments for onlookers at the very first sight. And if you are inquisitive to know the finer details concerning these wondrous creations, the following sections throws light on various facets that make these ornaments stand out from other bridal jewellery pieces.

Metallic Creations Portray Marital Status

Tagged under the umbrella of Indian hair jewellery especially meant for the bride, an array of latest gold maang tikkas are up for grabs on Caratlane; the user-friendly platform that allows you to buy jewellery online. Oozing with traditionalism, these ornate designs also come in as perfect accessories to celebrate the wedding season. Measuring a purity of 22K, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the fashionable yellow gold maang tikka collection that can be ordered for the bride. Allowing the woman to proclaim her marital bliss to the society, these yellow gold pieces which are delicately placed on her forehead come in as perfect embellishments that will compliment her face contours.

Ornaments Crafted to Match Different Facial Contours

There is a maang tikka that is waiting to be picked up by every married women. As regards enhancing the beauty of women with different facial shapes, the maang tikka for round face online can be ordered. Scouting for a maang tikka for big forehead? Then, look no further and order any ornament from the collection of 22K yellow gold maang tikka for women. This way, the finer details of bridal makeup are addressed when brides-to-be can invest in a perfect accessory categorized under the maang tikka for wedding collection.

The Characteristics of Different Ornaments

Adding a dash of colour to the already attractive ornament through the use of enamel is the characteristic of Omi Sway Maang Tikka. Order the Peya Swing Maang Tikka; a light-weight ornament made of 22K yellow gold. Speaking of Lincy Droplet Maang Tikka, you will be enthralled by the simple and fashionable design of this ornament tapering in three golden droplets. You cannot resist the sophisticated look of Oni Leaf 22K yellow maang tikka that exudes a delicate look and feel to the bridal ornament.

The Advantages of Online Shopping

When it comes to shopping for wedding, time is a constraint. Juggling with many chores to plan and execute a lavish wedding that will be remembered for life, Caratlane, through its online assortment of gold jewellery designs and ornaments smoothens many a rough edges in this context. Sparing the bride and her family to physically knock on the doors of a jewellery showroom to purchase wedding jewellery, they now have the luxury of choosing and paying for their precious jewellery from the comfort of their own homes. This convenience when coupled with the facility of making online payments through net banking or via credit and debit card swipes ups the benefits of online jewellery purchases that is 100% satisfactory and reliable.

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