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Navratna Gemstone Pendants

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Shri Navratna PendantShri Navratna Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 212 $ 214
Save 15% on Diamond Prices
Ashtadal Navratna PendantAshtadal Navratna Pendant
Navratna Diamond Pendant
$ 166
Om Navratna PendantOm Navratna Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 201 $ 205
Save 10% on Diamond Prices
Astral Navratna PendantAstral Navratna Pendant
Navratna Diamond Pendant
$ 222
Chakra Navratna PendantChakra Navratna Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 240
Vinayak Navratna PendantVinayak Navratna Pendant
Navratna Diamond Pendant
$ 175 $ 178
Save 10% on Diamond Prices
Jai Ganesh Navratna PendantJai Ganesh Navratna Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 177
Swastik Core Navratna PendantSwastik Core Navratna Pendant
Navratna Diamond Pendant
$ 172
Swastik Navratna PendantSwastik Navratna Pendant
Casual 18 Kt Yellow Gold Pendant
$ 154
Khanda Navratna PendantKhanda Navratna Pendant
Navratna Diamond Pendant
$ 171

Navratna Gemstone Pendant

Before we venture into this beautiful category of gemstones, it is essential to understand Navaratna pendant benefits. A Navratna gold pendant consists of nine gemstones that are symbolic of the nine planets mentioned in Vedic astrology. ‘Navratna’ or the nine stones in these pendants are widely considered as being auspicious and are believed to be responsible for the holistic wellbeing of the wearer.

Why You Should Buy Navratna Pendant

CaratLane has an attractive range of Navratna gold pendants in various themes. These Navratna Pendant designs at CaratLane are made to go well with whatever you wear, be it formal or casual since these are ideally meant to be worn at all times.

The speciality of the Navratna pendant is that it can be worn by anyone, young or old, male or female. Although some people might not believe that Navratna gold pendant has positive effects, it has been widely observed that these jewels do not have any negative effects. With the increasing number of people discussing its benefits, the Navratna pendant has inevitably become a popular piece of jewellery that most consider to be a must-have. This blend of the nine precious stones in this gold gemstone pendant has the ability to align all the ‘chakras’ in the body so as to propel good mental and physical health.

Types of Gems

Each of the nine stones in a Navratna pendant represents a planet from the astrology.
  • Ruby represents the sun and is known to bring positive outcomes in your business or administrative affairs opening possibilities for prosperity.

  • Pearl represents the moon and is responsible for enhancing love, maintaining relationships with family and loved ones.

  • The beautiful Emerald stands for planet Mercury and is said to help with various aspects like good communication skills, creativity, building patience and so on.

  • The Red Coral in the Navratna Gemstone Pendant represents planet Mars. It is typically known to regulate blood circulation through the body thus helping maintain good physiological health.

  • Yellow sapphire which represents planet Jupiter, is believed to attract wealth or financial progress in your life.

  • The most popular of precious jewels, Diamond, stands for planet Venus and is said to enhance all the pleasures in life like luxury, glamour, romance, beauty and so on.

  • Blue Sapphire is a representative of Saturn and is known to have instant positive effects.

  • Hessonite represents the astrological planet, Rahu. It is known to enhance mental clarity and maintain good temperament.

  • Cat’s Eye is a unique gemstone that is symbolic of the astrological planet, Ketu. It helps deal with tough situations in life.

  • Dual Benefit

    Not only do the Navratna pendants available on CaratLane protect you from negative energy and ensure your wellbeing, these jewels also look very attractive and complement all types of outfits. This makes the Navratna pendant a perfect blend of astrological benefits and an attractive ornament giving you the dual benefits of good luck and presentable looks. They come in various designs to suit your requirement, be it regular wear or occasional.

    Exquisite Designs

    CaratLane has a variety of elegant designs in the Navratna gold pendant category ranging from Rs. 7,500 to Rs. 10,500. What’s more, CaratLane gives you various hassle-free payment options like debit or credit card, net banking and fund transfer. Buy Navratna Gold Pendants at these attractive prices and enjoy the positive benefits they bring your way.

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