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Princess Tiara NecklacePrincess Tiara Necklace
$ 239 $ 252
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Delicate Necklaces for Kids

Jewellery as a gift makes for the best memories. And a necklace for a kids’ first birthday or for a new-born baby can be a perfect form of gift by their loved ones. Family always gifts kids with valuables and necklace for Kids tops the list for all parents and grandparents. CaratLane is becoming the most favoured online shopping destination for jewellery with its extensive collections and a hassle-free online experience. The portal offers a unique range of Necklaces for Kids to choose from.

Exquisite Necklace Designs by CaratLane

Necklaces for Kids are an extremely simple yet fashionable way of dressing up your kid in an interesting manner. Styles for everyday wear as well as evening wear, the collection of Necklaces for Kids are set in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The Necklaces for Kids range by CaratLane is priced between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000.

  • Colourful pendants from CaratLane’s Wonderland Collection are very pretty Necklaces for Kids. The Willy Dolphin Necklace, set in 18K rose gold with diamonds and the Simba Lion Necklace, set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds are such attractive and cute Necklaces for Kids.
  • Gift your prince or princess with the Dainty Crown Diamond Necklace, set in 18K yellow gold with diamonds by CaratLane. This is among CaratLane’s most charming Necklaces for Kids.
  • The Maribel Star Moon Necklace set in 18K yellow gold is a classy design of Necklaces for Kids, using the traditional star and moon theme.

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