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Perdy Cutout Ear CuffsPerdy Cutout Ear Cuffs
Fashion Forward Gold Earrings
$ 159 $ 176
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Flitter Blue Butterfly Ear CuffsFlitter Blue Butterfly Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 366
Ferna Shine Ear CuffsFerna Shine Ear Cuffs
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 282 $ 298
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Curvy Flap Ear CuffsCurvy Flap Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Rose Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 220 $ 258
Flat 15% off
Pinion Blue Butterfly Ear CuffsPinion Blue Butterfly Ear Cuffs
Butterfly Diamond Earrings
$ 570
Daphne Ear CuffsDaphne Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 198 $ 247
Flat 20% off
Abida Star Ear CuffsAbida Star Ear Cuffs
Floral Diamond Earrings
$ 686
Flora Ear CuffsFlora Ear Cuffs
18 Kt White Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 335 $ 374
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Daisy Ear CuffsDaisy Ear Cuffs
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 484 $ 542
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Navilu Plumage Ear CuffsNavilu Plumage Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 343 $ 428
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Jonquille Floral Ear CuffsJonquille Floral Ear Cuffs
Floral Diamond Earrings
$ 356 $ 445
Flat 20% off
Flitter Green Butterfly Ear CuffsFlitter Green Butterfly Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 374
Circles Ear CuffsCircles Ear Cuffs
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 331 $ 389
Flat 15% off
Double Flora Ear CuffsDouble Flora Ear Cuffs
14 Kt Rose Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 368 $ 414
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Peacock Plumes Ear CuffsPeacock Plumes Ear Cuffs
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 552
Aalia Drop Ear CuffsAalia Drop Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 496 $ 562
Flat 15% off on Diamond Prices
Curved Filigree Earcuff EarringsCurved Filigree Earcuff Earrings
Modern Gold Earrings
$ 129 $ 137
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Princess Peacock Ear CuffsPrincess Peacock Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 407
Leofe Ear CuffsLeofe Ear Cuffs
Contemporary Diamond Earrings
$ 366
Pierce Cutout Ear CuffsPierce Cutout Ear Cuffs
18 Kt Yellow Gold Ear Cuffs and Hugs
$ 286 $ 314
Flat 25% off on Making Charges

Ear Cuffs Designs

Most loved by the style icons today, the Ear Cuff is a piece of adornment that walks the red carpet across the globe while dazzling with the divas. But little do we know of the colorful past of the Ear Cuffs. As astonishing as it might sound, the Ear Cuffs have been around since 2000 BC! And the first one excavated during that era was called the Kaffa.

Travelling the trails of the Ear Cuffs

Located in the British Isles while excavators were cleaning out a burial site; this Kaffa was unlike any earring as it had no clip-ons that attach it to the earlobe. In fact, this ornament was attached to the rim of the ear (the pinna) which ensured that the Kaffas were visible on the outer edge of the ear.

Therefore, the Kaffa required no piercing of the ear, which in turn resulted in no pressure on the earlobe. This discovery led the crafts smiths to experiment with more elaborate and larger Kaffas. These early Kaffas were made of brass and excluded any embellishments.

Although in Greece, an adaptation of these Kaffas was discovered in shimmering gold. Recognized as a sign of Greek aristocrats, these new designs were more elaborate and worn as a reflection of the wearer's wealth status in the society.

Surprisingly, Kaffa images are seen in ancient Indian Art that dates back to the 12th Century too! But unlike the other patterns found, the Indian Kaffas were crafted with precious metals and stones while being decorated with numerous chains and pearls. These Indian patterns stretched from the earlobe to the nose or the hair.

Apart from this, the Kaffa pattern was also spotted in Thailand and Europe only to soon disappear completely from all jewellery markets.

Rebirth of the Kaffas as Earrites

Post the war in America, there came a celebratory period where the Ear Cuffs were born again.

It was a French jeweler named Marcel Boucher who had immigrated to the New York city in the early 1920s who was faced with the demands of the elite ladies on arrival. What he crafted for the ladies was an ear jewel or an earring that was worn over the ear termed as the Earrite.

This ornament was feminine and delicate and became such a rage in the 1950s that Boucher patented it and sold them individually.

Expressing with the Ear Cuffs

About 20 years later, the Earrites saw their end and gave way to their bolder sibling - the Ear Cuff. The Ear Cuffs today stand as a symbol of toughness and rebellion. Be it the top Bollywood celebrities or the runway models, all have adorned these sassy ornaments season after season.

Types of Ear Cuffs

Now that we have traced the journey of the Ear Cuffs, let us look at some of the most loved Ear Cuff types that have won the hearts of many.

Ear Wire

The Ear Wire is a loved design that makes the Ear Cuffs look like it is floating on the earlobe. You just have to slip the stem of this pair through the ear hole and it goes right through the lobe, securing the cuff. Due to this design, these ear cuffs are delicate and dainty.

Ear Chain

The most edgy pattern in the world of Ear Cuffs, this style features a set of chains hanging from the sides of the earlobe. Perfect for bohemian-inspired outfits, this ear cuff is a showstopper and can easily be paired with different accessories.

Band Cuff

This can be categorized as the simplest of all ear cuffs, the band cuff is basically a pair that can be worn even when the ear is not pierced. All you have to do is clip on the bands and you are ready to wear this cuff. Delicate yet so versatile, this cuff can be an accompaniment for all occasions.

Ear Jackets

The ear jacket often has a simple stud/design on the front but on the back of the lobe hangs a jacket that gives the ears a completely different look. In fact, some designs hug only the bottom of the lobe making it even more especial. This by far is the most unique ear cuff that effortlessly adds the missing glam to any ensemble.

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