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Paris Platinum Band for HimParis Platinum Band for Him
Couple Bands Platinum Men Ring
$ 324
Pyramus Diamond Band for HimPyramus Diamond Band for Him
Bands Men 14 Kt White Gold Ring
$ 242
Hank Ear Studs for HimHank Ear Studs for Him
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 153 $ 180
Flat 15% off
Robby Ear Studs for HimRobby Ear Studs for Him
18 Kt Yellow Gold Studs and Tops
$ 71 $ 101
Flat 30% off
Carl Ear Studs for HimCarl Ear Studs for Him
Classic Gold Synthetic Onyx Earrings
$ 43 $ 54
Flat 20% off
Jack Ring for MenJack Ring for Men
Bands Men 950 Platinum Ring
$ 333
Grand Foxtail Weave Gold ChainGrand Foxtail Weave Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 276 $ 278
Flat 5% off on Making Charges
Cedric Ear Studs for HimCedric Ear Studs for Him
18 Kt White Gold Studs and Tops
$ 67 $ 75
Flat 10% off
Napoleon Platinum Band for HimNapoleon Platinum Band for Him
Couple Bands Platinum Men Ring
$ 350 $ 369
Flat 5% off
Jack Platinum Band for HimJack Platinum Band for Him
Bands Men 950 Platinum Ring
$ 508 $ 535
Flat 5% off
Neo Earrings for HimNeo Earrings for Him
Classic Diamond Earrings
$ 183 $ 187
Flat 5% off on Diamond Prices
Kian Ring For MenKian Ring For Men
Bands Men 22 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 424 $ 471
Flat 50% off on Making Charges
Delight Texture Link Gold ChainDelight Texture Link Gold Chain
22 Kt Yellow Gold Chain
$ 416 $ 438
Flat 5% off
Calvin Ear Studs for HimCalvin Ear Studs for Him
18 Kt White Gold Studs and Tops
$ 139 $ 154
Flat 20% off on Diamond Prices
Orpheus Diamond Band for HimOrpheus Diamond Band for Him
Couple Bands Diamond Men Ring
$ 286 $ 318
Flat 10% off
Perseus Ring for MenPerseus Ring for Men
Bands Men 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 639
Classic Platinum Links BraceletClassic Platinum Links Bracelet
950 Platinum Men Bracelet
$ 645
Dual Line Curb Gold ChainDual Line Curb Gold Chain
Gold Curb Chain
$ 308
Harris Ring For MenHarris Ring For Men
Classic Diamond Men Ring
$ 490 $ 511
Flat 10% off on Diamond Prices
Abel Gold Band for HimAbel Gold Band for Him
Bands Men 18 Kt Yellow Gold Ring
$ 277 $ 312
Flat 50% off on Making Charges

Jewellery for Men – From Palaces to Presentations

Men have been adorning ornaments since time immemorial. Be it the kings and young princes in the royal chambers or the office goers of today, all men have, at some point wanted a trinket that matches their personality and adds a fresh perspective to their overall persona.

So much so that today, we have reached a time where even the presentation rooms in office see men sporting some of the classiest charms. Right from sleek bracelets to stylish cufflinks, all have a special place in a man's closet and are used rather strategically to enhance the look and feel of an outfit.

What's at the Top

Unlike yesteryears, today men have a range of options to choose from when it comes to jewellery. Let's look at some of the most loved wearables that set the ball rolling for men.

Rings for Men

During the olden days, a ring signified numerous things, such as wealth of the wearer, the family seal or the wearer's name/profession. But as times changed the men's rings started to play a lot more meaningful role in the society. Be it an engagement ring for men or a ring worn as an extension of one's style, these grew to become highly personalised jewellery pieces that were very dear to the wearer.

Earrings for Men

It was not an uncommon site in India to see a Maharaja walk across the corridors of his palace wearing chunky earrings made of gold, studded with gemstones. Although, this situation has turned completely and today all that the men prefer to wear on their ear is a single stud or a really light bali that adds a hint of mischief.

Cufflinks for Men

Subtle yet stylish, cufflinks are among the most chic accessories available for men. It is believed that Cufflinks first appeared in the 15th century but became common by the end of the 18th century. Today, these are well coordinated with other jewellery items such as watches, belt buckles and tie clips and really help enhance the complete formal look.

Chains for Men

Offering great convenience, chains are the charms that can be easily hidden under the shirt if needed. Often also worn with the photograph of a loved one or a deity, chains are considered great conversation starters that share a hint of the wearer's personality.

Pendants for Men

If a man chooses to wear a pendant, it is something that he holds really dear and does not mind it becoming obvious to the world. Pendants are also among the few accessories for men that offer a vast range of options allowing men to choose to their heart's content.

And with this we have looked into the topmost options that men love to wear when it comes to jewellery.

At CaratLane we offer jewellery for men that starts from Rs. 5,593 and goes up to Rs. 1,47,038. You can explore our range of Men's Jewellery here or visit any of our stores to experience these contemporary pieces first hand.

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