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Domed JhumkasDomed Jhumkas
Traditional Gold Earrings
$ 407 $ 428
Flat 5% off
Dual Tone Drop EarringsDual Tone Drop Earrings
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 134 $ 149
Flat 10% off
Miti Beaded Gold JhumkasMiti Beaded Gold Jhumkas
Traditional Gold Earrings
$ 412 $ 420
Flat 10% off on Making Charges
Leena Beaded Gold JhumkasLeena Beaded Gold Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 546
Folded Filigree JhumkasFolded Filigree Jhumkas
Designer Gold Pearl Earrings
$ 344
Structured Leaf JhumkasStructured Leaf Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 700
Oro Corona Drop EarringsOro Corona Drop Earrings
Antique Gold Earrings
$ 1,174
Conoid Filigree Drop EarringsConoid Filigree Drop Earrings
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 511
Scroll and Bead JhumkasScroll and Bead Jhumkas
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 1,009
Creel Dome JhumkasCreel Dome Jhumkas
18 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 761
Enfold JhumkasEnfold Jhumkas
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 849
Intricate Flare JhumkasIntricate Flare Jhumkas
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 808 $ 1,010
Flat 20% off + Extra 5% off ( Use c...
Glorious Traditional JhumkasGlorious Traditional Jhumkas
Essentials Diamond Earrings
$ 718
Filigree Dome JhumkasFiligree Dome Jhumkas
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 1,150
Floral Cluster Multi-Style JhumkasFloral Cluster Multi-Style Jhumkas
Multi-Style Diamond Earrings
$ 726
Intricate Tulip JhumkasIntricate Tulip Jhumkas
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 838
Pear Dome JhumkasPear Dome Jhumkas
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 612 $ 720
Flat 15% off + Extra 5% off ( Use c...
Helex JhumkasHelex Jhumkas
22 Kt Yellow Gold Jhumkas
$ 821
Drop Dome JhumkasDrop Dome Jhumkas
Traditional Diamond Earrings
$ 830
Flare JhumkasFlare Jhumkas
18 Kt Rose Gold Jhumkas
$ 959

Frequently Asked Questions - Jhumka

1) What is the measurement of the Jhumka alone?

There is no one size that can define our Jhumka collection as all of them differ from one to other. Although, a rough average of a measurement of a smaller jhumka would be 29.5 mm in height to 20.15 mm in width and the longer jhumkas range from 61.62 mm in height and 10.45 mm in width.

2) Is the Jhumka detachable/ Can we make it a detachable one?

Yes, a few of the designs are already detachable and are termed as multi-style jhumkas. The ones that are not detachable can be made detachable on request if the design permits and is feasible to carry out.

3) Can I replace the stone in the Jhumka?

We can easily carry out this request as it is a fairly simple change. Although, sometimes it also depends on the size of the stone and its availability. Please get in touch with our customer care to find out more.

4) Will the 2 Jhumka have the same product weight?

Yes, a pair of Jhumkas will both have the same product weight and will be completely identical in all ways.

5) Will the enamel fade off in the Jhumka?

Our skilled craftsmen ensure that our products are of the finest quality thus ensuring that they can go through the wear and tear that comes with the daily grind. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the enamel in a Jhumka fades off or chips.

6) Can I buy only the ear stud of the Jhumka?

Some of the designs we have already come with a separate ear stud which can be worn with or without the Jhumka attachment. In these cases, we can provide the stud to be purchased individually. This request falls under customization and will have to be carried out with the help of the customer service department.

7) Can I increase or decrease the length size of the Jhumka?

Yes, we can increase or decrease the length of the Jhumka based on the customer demands. This option is provided under our customization service and can be availed by all customers.

8) Can I change the stud of the Jhumka?

Yes, changing the stud of the Jhumka might be possible in most cases where the design permits.  

9) Can I have madras screws for this design?

A madras screw can easily be provided for any design that the customer selects.

10) What is the weight of the Jhumka alone?

There is no one standard weight of a Jhumka. These differ from design to design and can vary vastly.

11) What is the size of the stem?

The standard size of the stem that we offer at CaratLane is that of 10mm for all products.

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