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Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings – Glittering Reminders of a Never-Ending Bond

Wedding rings for couples symbolise love and eternal togetherness, with studded and gorgeous rings that are given to each other on their wedding day. CaratLane’s magnificent collection of designer wedding rings is exhaustive and the catalogue consisting of unique and contemporary designs are specially crafted to emit a radiant shine!

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2 Items

Kian Ring For Him

Set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold (9.78 gms) Certified by SGL

$ 505

    • SKU
    • UR00151-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 9.78 gms
Gaby Hammered Ring

Set in 22 Kt Yellow Gold (5.22 gms) Certified by SGL

$ 277

    • SKU
    • UR00171-2Y0000
    • Metal/Purity
    • 22 Kt Yellow Gold
    • Metal Weight
    • 5.22 gms

Be Engulfed in The Charm

According to ancient Egyptians, it is said that there is a vein that connects that finger directly to the heart. This is what has made it ideal and traditional for the wedding ring to be worn on this finger, showing that love is immortal and never-ending.

Wedding rings are the epitome of the bond between two individuals, and have been used over time to signify the connection between two people. Wedding rings are normally worn on the left-hand ring finger.

Wedding ring designs never fail to look mesmerising, no matter what metal is used for them. In the past, they used to be made of leather, ivory, or animal bones. These days, more common metals such as gold, silver, or platinum is used to make these rings. The strong metaled and beautifully detailed wedding rings that are used these days are extremely elegant and exude beauty and magnificence.

Usually, jewellery is often associated only with women; the need for rings successfully breaks this barrier to be perhaps the only jewellery item that is equally coveted by both men and women. As a result, wedding rings for men are as much, if not more, in demand as wedding rings for women.

Another important factor that adds to the widespread appeal of the quintessential wedding ring is that there is an option of getting identical rings made for both the bride and the groom. At CaratLane, these wedding rings can also be customised with inscriptions and specific designs that are in accordance with the desires of the couple.

Couple band wedding rings are increasingly being demanded and liked by young couples due to their minimalistic and simple designs, and their modern patterns. These ring designs are timeless and it is guaranteed that they will be in vogue even after several decades.

A ring for every finger

From minimalistic designs to stunning and dazzling ones, CaratLane has a variety of patterns with over 80 different rings for women and men.

A number of couples prefer to keep it simple and opt for subtle designs that proclaim their love, but in a very understated and graceful manner. Wedding pearl rings are the perfect ensemble for them, with their grand and elegant appeal.
  • Platinum wedding rings are meant for power couples who want a no-frill piece of jewellery to adorn their fingers, yet want to own a durable and precious piece of metal. Moreover, these rings have the most distinctive designs amongst all available materials.
  • For those who love their dose of grandeur, Solitaire wedding rings such as Glitz Solitaire Bridal Ring Set and Gleam Solitaire Ring are sure to strike a chord. The intricacy of the design, the overall fine appearance and the sheer sparkle of the solitaires is bound to steal the heart of any couple and make them fall in love all over again.
  • No matter which material is taken and what design is created, gold will always be a hot favourite amongst all other metals due to its subtle glamour. The splendour and classic character of Gold wedding rings ensure that these designs are here to stay.
  • Diamond wedding rings have a shiny and jazzy appeal that cannot be compared with any other product. Be it a single diamond at the centre of the circular band or multiple small glittering ones, these diamond rings are the most coveted jewellery for many.

  • With classic, as well as contemporary themes, wedding ring designs, be it bands, a bridal set, or even a casual ring for everyday wear are a dime a dozen at the CaratLane store.

    Rings and weddings – a never ending love affair

    Wedding rings are like precious little certificates of marriage that delicately decorate the tie between a newly married couple. CaratLane understands your needs and thus has come out with this spectacular collection of 18 Kt wedding rings. Shopping at CaratLane is an easy and worry free process, with the multiple payment options, such as net banking, fund transfer, credit cards or debit cards.

    All customers are also provided with a Try@Home option which they can use to try on an item of jewellery in the comfort of their own home.

    Buying wedding rings online has never been more hassle-free, making the entire jewellery shopping experience a pleasant one.

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