5 Best Ways To Style CaratLane’s Jewellery Featuring in Crew Movie

Styling CaratLane's jewellery

CaratLane has become a household name in India, synonymous with exquisite and modern jewellery designs. Their diverse collection caters to every taste and style, making it a one-stop shop for all your jewellery needs. But with so many stunning pieces, how do you style them to create the perfect look?

Worry not, fashionistas! Here are 5 top tips to help you style CaratLane’s jewellery and elevate your everyday look:

Styling CaratLane's jewellery effortlessly

1. Embrace Minimalism

CaratLane offers a wide range of delicate and minimalistic pieces as part of the Crew collection that are perfect for everyday wear. These pieces can be easily woven into your casual or formal ensemble without being overwhelming.

  • Stacking Rings: Be bold and stack multiple rings on one finger or across different fingers. CaratLane offers various stacking rings in numerous styles, from dainty bands to gemstone rings. Play around with textures and metals to create a unique combination. Try the Bow Midi Gold Ring in white gold and the Arrow Heart Gemstone Midi Ring in rose gold on the same finger or different fingers. 
  • Minimalist Earrings: Opt for a pair of CaratLane’s minimalist earrings for a touch of understated elegance. Studs like the Delicate Leaflet Diamond Stud Earrings or hoops like the Minimalist Gold Hoop Earrings are versatile pieces that complement any outfit.

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2. Make a Statement

CaratLane also boasts a collection of statement pieces that can instantly elevate your look. These bold and eye-catching designs are perfect for adding a little drama to your everyday attire or for those special events.

Styling jewellery with CaratLane

3. Mix Metals

Mixing metals is a trendy way to add depth and interest to your jewellery look. CaratLane offers a variety of pieces in yellow, rose, and white gold, so you can experiment and create your own unique style.

4. Play with Textures

Texture can add visual interest to your jewellery look. CaratLane offers pieces with various textures, from smooth and polished to textured and hammered.

  • Combine Smooth and Textured Pieces: This creates an interesting and elegant balanced look. Pair a smooth gold chain with a textured pendant like the Bevan Hammered Pearl Pendant or the Joely Hammered Gold Necklace with a smooth Intertwine Cluster Diamond Ring.
  • Stack Textured Rings:  Stacking rings with different textures can add uniqueness and intrigue to your look. Experiment with pieces like the Classic Hammered Band in two-tone rose and white gold to find what works best for you.
  • Mix Textured Earrings: Try mixing textured earrings if you’re feeling adventurous. This will give you a bold and eye-catching look.
CaratLane Necklace Styling
Jewellery styling with CaratLane

5. Accessorise for Your Outfit

The key to styling jewellery is to consider your outfit as a whole. When choosing CaratLane jewellery pieces, take into account the neckline, style, and colour of your outfit.

  • Balance Proportions: Keep your earrings and rings simple if you’re wearing a statement necklace. Conversely, add a statement ring like the Bethany Diamond Ring if you’re wearing a simple outfit. 
  • Complement Colours: When choosing your jewellery, consider the colours in your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a blue dress, you could pair it with the Haze Elegance Sapphire Matching Set
  • Match Necklines: Your outfit’s neckline can also dictate your jewellery choices. For example, a V-neck dress pairs beautifully with the Twirl Lariat Pearl Necklace, which follows the same V shape. But for a high neckline, such as a turtleneck or a mock neck, pieces like the Pear Fine Line Diamond Necklace will enhance your look. 

Each of the five styling methods we’ve explored offers a unique way to incorporate these exquisite pieces into any wardrobe, catering to a wide range of tastes and occasions. Whether it’s elevating a casual look with subtle sparkle, making a statement at formal events, or adding a touch of glamour to business attire, CaratLane provides options that blend seamlessly with various fashion choices. Their inspired designs highlight the quality and beauty of CaratLane’s jewellery and demonstrate how well it adapts to current trends and individual styles.

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