Top 5 Delicate Diamond Earrings for Office Wear

Jewellery is an important accessory in any wardrobe, and there are so many of them to bring out any style element you want. However, not all jewellery may be ideal for office wear. For example, a dazzling pair of chandelier earrings that goes well for a wedding is not suitable

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Best Kids Jewellery for Special Occasions

Kids are synonymous with joy and wonder. We get to see the world through their eyes and get some of that wonder back into our lives. Their every milestone is an occasion to celebrate and an opportunity to mark the occasion with a unique jewellery piece. From birthdays to milestones,

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The 4 Best Ways to Style Gold Bangles This Season

The coming season brings with it the opportunity to accessorize with the hottest trends in jewellery. Gold bangles for women are a classic accessory that can be worn in a variety of ways for any occasion. Gold bangles have an advantage over other jewellery because they can be an intrinsic

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5 Reasons Why a Men’s Pendant is the Perfect Present

Did you think that jewellery is only the women’s domain and that only women like receiving jewellery as gifts? You couldn’t be more mistaken! Jewellery is not bound by age, gender, or ethnicity. Plus, who decides whether certain jewellery is meant for men or women? The upshot is that it

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Cute Pastel Outfit Combinations and Ideas to Wear Pastel

Pastels is one of the major trends this season, but many women (including myself) find wearing pastels a challenge. They can wash you out, look too ‘sweet’ or take you back to your children’s years!

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