5 Kinds of Roommates We’ve All Bunked With at Some Point

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They add a splash of colour to the most white-washed rooms. They bring a galore of drama to your TV-less existence. They can wring the patience and beat the loneliness out of you at the same time. Be it bunk-sharers or mess makers, roommates come in every type. The joy lies in the journey you take living with them.

Here are a definite 5 we’ve all come across at some point.

The Curious Cutlet

They’re always lurking and peeking, it’s almost romantic the kind of attention they give you. Good thing is that you can always rely on their snooping if you forget details from your own life.

Mother Bee

They love cooking and have a natural OCD for cleanliness even if it’s your doing. With them around there’ll always be a bowl of spaghetti in the fridge when you stumble back after a drunken disaster.

The Cool Kid

They don’t say or do much and yet it takes only their presence to bring the swag to your yard. Having a cool kid as a roommate makes you shine out just by association.

Betty the Borrower

There’s always a Betty who’ll know what you own better than you. And since they’ll always need something, you can count on them to be the most courteous of the lot.

The Social Light Bulb

People are drawn to this roommate like moths to a light bulb. You never quite understand their charm but don’t mind the occasional bouts of socialising they bring around. #ForeverAloneNot

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