15 Dec 6 Reasons to Say “I Do” To Trying Jewellery at Home

They say if Mohammed won’t go to the mountain, then the mountain must come to Mohammed. Even Prince Charming had to take the glass slipper to Cinderella when she couldn’t go to him. How else would he have known if the shoe fit right? Ahem, or in our case, if the ring sat well or those studded danglers complimented the jawbones.
This idea of having ornaments presented to you at home has been age old until jewellery shops came by. Then came the era of online shopping where you sat at home and bought it off the internet. But that doesn’t come without a certain hesitation about trusting what you see rather than feel when shopping online. And that hesitation is further amplified when you’re paying half of your life savings on jewellery.

The solution—Try before you buy, where you can order for a trial of selected jewellery at your home, work, or the local Starbucks if you’re the hipster type. Here are 6 reasons why this is the best thing to happen to your gold cravings, because let’s admit that’s pretty cool.

No time, no problem

Not sure if your 9am-9pm job allows you to spend time trailing to jewellery shops or following up with online shopping? Then order for a trial whenever you want and wherever you are. Fix an appointment to your liking, or to your astrologer’s preferred gold-buying schedule. It’s as simple as that.

Get the right feels

Women don’t wear jewellery, they feel it. The eloquent panache of those ruby red drop-down earrings can be felt only when they present themselves on your own ears. No photoshopped model can recreate that magic for you.

Match it to outfit IRL

Shopping for some new bling to match that pink lehenga for your third cousin’s daughter wedding? There’s no getting it wrong when you match it to your outfit IRL, right there in your own home. No doubts on who’ll be the best-dressed guest!

Include everyone’s opinions at ease

From your grandmother who rarely gets out, to your squad on Snapchat, get everyone in on your decision to pick your new trinket. Leave no gemstone unturned when buying jewellery.

No one ever said no to free services

Right from ordering your trial batch, to them arriving at your place and you trying them on, everything comes for free, unlike most things in life. You pay only for what you’d want to buy, no obligations added.

At least get a few pictures out of it

Whether you buy the jewellery you try or not, you can get yourself a few fancy selfies for Instagram out of this whole activity. #LuxuryMuch #ImSoFancy #YOLO

Takeaway—Having a chance to try your jewellery at home before you buy it gives you as a buyer a lot of leverage. Ordering a trial at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home, along with the views of your trusted well-wishers will help you make better decisions when buying these precious luxuries. So, go on, give your first jewellery try-out a shot at caratlane.com.

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    It’s really a nice idea to try jewellery at home, to get a more personal feel before buying…

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