7 alternative V-Day date ideas

alternative V-Day date ideas

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Show her you can think beyond the tried-and-tested.

Candles and roses are cliché and serenading the lady with a romantic ballad is best left to the movies. Yes, Valentine’s Day is about showing your love, but why do it in a way that’s oh-so-predictable? Surprise your sweetheart with a date that’s cool and quirky. We’ve got a few tricks to help you get started.

Date idea #1: Street food binging


Skip the formal ambience and pretentious menu of a fine-dining restaurant for a food trail on the streets. Hold hands and saunter from one chaat counter to the next this V-Day. And yes, fight her for that last paani puri by all means!

Date idea #2: Game on


Remember Patrick and Kat’s paintball match date in 10 Things I Hate About You? Cute, romantic and playful all rolled into one, there’s no going wrong with this one. You could swap this for a round of laser tag, foosball or bowling, if that’s what you two prefer!

Date idea #3: Laugh out loud


You know the theatre screening the just-released rom-com is going to be packed with mushy couples. So run in the other direction and buy yourself tickets for a live comedy show instead. If you’re really adventurous as a couple, volunteer to go up on stage when the comedian is scanning the crowd for guinea pigs!

Date idea #4: Karaoke


Serenade her by crooning to some old-time ’90s hits. After some liquid courage, of course. Finish the night by performing a duet for the cheering crowd!

Date idea #5: The silent date


You two are probably no strangers to all-night conversations and texting through the day. But have you ever thought of enjoying peace and quietude in each other’s company? Unplug by finding a solitary spot in a park (or even your living room) and read a book while sitting by each other’s side.

Date idea #6: Thinking caps on


There’s nothing like intellectual stimulation, is there? Challenge your Valentine to a game of Scrabble or get together and solve a crossword puzzle. Extra points for getting really competitive!

Date idea #7: Playground date


Remember how easy it all was when you were little? Behave like love-struck 10-year-olds with a classic playground date. See who can swing higher or get on the seesaw together. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket with some lunch and lemonade!

No matter what you’ve got planned out, be sure to have the perfect gift in your hand when you go to pick her up your ladylove. Discover and shop our Valentine’s Day offerings here.

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