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18 Jun Better Together

Why timeless platinum couple bands are a striking choice for you and your better half.

King Louis XVI of France declared platinum as the only metal good enough for kings and right he was. The precious and enduring metal is one of the rarest elements to be found within the Earth’s crust. Initially used by pre-Columbian Americans in modern-day Ecuador today, platinum has garnered a fabulous reputation of being an exclusive status symbol oozing with elegance.

Heartthrob Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla famously exchanged beautiful platinum love bands at their 1967 wedding hereby sparking off a mammoth jewellery trend, which is still in vogue decades later. Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana and his wife Tahira too exchanged flawless platinum eternity bands as a perfect mark of their everlasting union.

The sturdy and steadfast quality of the stunning material acts as the ultimate representation of an eternal romance. As a tangible manifestation of immortal love, platinum couple bands are easily the perfect choice for a glamorous engagement or wedding rings. But that’s not all. They are equally fitting for gifting purposes too — be it a Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart or a stunning birthday or anniversary surprise! Moreover, when indulging yourself to mark a momentous occasion or celebrating a festival, we’d urge you to consider this symbol of true love. And if you’re not in a relationship yet; you could even consider lighting up your parents’ day by giving them these cherished bands.

So wondering where you can get your hands on this awesome pair? Why, CaratLane of course! Our elegant couple bands, dedicated to the worlds’ most iconic couples allow you to enjoy a love just as iconic as theirs!


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