14 May CaratLane Job Central: Content Writer

Job title: Content Writer

Location: Chennai

This is a job description for the position of a Content Writer, it is a full-time, well (at least) paid job. Since we don’t have one yet, this description is going to be generic, boring and descriptive. We don’t know how to do cool. (That’s why we’re hiring) We had a hard time writing this. (Since it is your job to do that)

So, what does a Content Writer at CaratLane do, anyway?

  1. Likes to think that he/she is important. (Confidence is the key my friend)
  2. Can use superfluous words and make everything seem important and attractive for example product descriptions and SEO content.
  3. Can write an awesomesauce ad copy for Facebook and Adword campaigns. Oh, you also have to be able to read it and make others have that ungodly urge to buy our jewellery. (Magicians please apply)
  4. Work with the briefest brief ever, our marketing and graphic design team is usually busy and working like crazies, and you’ll be working closely with them so you’d need to give your best with the brief you get. (Our briefs can give tough competition to short text messages like tweets and stuff)
  5. Have dazzled people before in an editorial capacity/ e-commerce/ online publishing/ content creation/ freelance writing. (We need experienced players here)
  6. Be a zen master. (Sometimes we need a zen ninja to work through all the content)
  7. and just so you know, Do not be Clark Kent. (We need you full time)

Brownie points – 

  1. If you have filled notebooks upon notebooks with scribbles and writings that you thought were masterpieces for years. Well 2-3 years of constant writing experience will be enough we guess, that’s actually half of what it took Leo Tolstoy to write his masterpiece.
  2. If you are interested or can fake really well to be interested in jewellery and has a knack for lifestyle writing.
  3. If you have been a debate winner, the more ambiguous and open ended the debate topic the better.
  4. If you dnt writ lyk dis.
  5. If you are a grammar nazi.
  6. If you are finicky about deadlines.
  7.  If you’ve read “How to win friends and influence people”.

If you think you can master the art of zen and are able to differentiate between princess, baguette and cushion. Send in your resume and writing samples (maximum of three), and a one-page cover letter telling us why you’re the one at marketing@caratlane.com (marketing at caratlane dot com) with the subject line as – Job: Content Writer, obviously.

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