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11 Jun How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

‘Cause boys, if you like it, then you should put a ring on it.

An everlasting bond that represents a cycle of love and faith, a stunning solitaire engagement ring is a perquisite for all weddings. We know, we know, the only question flashing in your heads at this point is, “Cut to the chase, how much is my bank balance going to be set back by this?” Fret not boys, we have rounded up the top 5 theories on how much one ought to spend on an engagement ring—pick the one that best suits your situation in life!


Theory #1: The Three Month Salary Rule of Thumb

Many a surveys claim that a man should shell out three months worth of dough while asking for the hand of his fair maiden. But, then again, this is just a generic guideline and if you’re in between shifting careers or have just taken a loan, please scale back. She wants your heart, in good condition and not beaten for worse.

Theory #2: The One Month Salary Rule 

If splurging three month’s worth earning is too steep according to you, stick to the ‘one month salary is my ring budget’ routine. It’s tried, tested and fuss-free. This is your best bet if you don’t wish to go OTT extravagant, no wonder it’s one of the most favoured spending theories too!

Theory #3: The Age Rule

Another theory is that you should spend based on the age of the woman you are marrying. For instance you need to buy a 2.5-carat diamond engagement rings if your lady love is 25 years old! And if you’re tying the knot to a 50-year-old belle, be prepared to burn that wallet for a 5-carat rock and deservingly so, because women, like wine, get better with age!

Theory #4: The Car Rule

Boys love their toys, and this rule plays to the gallery. Just spend the same amount on her ring as you would on your new car. It seems fair, a car is important but so is the ring. At least it wards off those nasty pests at the bar with one look at her hand. Can your car do that? Nah we didn’t think so.

Theory #5: Do away with the rules 

It’s your life and who said it has to be led by rules? Go ahead and shower her with a diamond so big that it drains your entire balance or make it a joke and get her a jelly glow ring just like you did when you were seven. As long as she’s happy, the deal is sealed.

Just before you make the splurge…

Whether or not you want to follow any of the above theories, keep the 80/20 rule in mind before you make an expensive purchase. 80% of the budget should go towards the center diamond, while 20% should be reserved for mounting and surrounding embellishments.

Happy shopping! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to give our winning selection of engagement rings a dekko here.

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