03 Apr Madhubani – Celebrating Art on a Canvas of Gold

Every art has an inspiration. Madhubani paintings, a beautiful medley of nature and women in their natural forms is one such art form that has inspired us for our latest collection, Madhubani. Our collection is a tribute to the tradition of the Mithila region and celebrates a union of the multiple elements of nature and jewellery. Today, we’d like to dedicate this blog post to the motifs of Madhubani that inspired our designers to craft these intricate designs on gold.

Dancing in the rain and swaying with pride, the peacock is the most graceful character in a Madhubani painting. It inspired us to bring forth the essence of the peacock into our elegant jewellery.

Blossoming in glory, pure and strong, despite the mud it grows in, the lotus symbolizes strength and optimism in Madhubani Paintings. We have captured the beauty of this delightful flower in gold.

The lively movements, the playful melodies and the free spirit of a bird are what inspired us to paint exquisite pictures on our canvas of gold and bring you the prettiest of jewellery.

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Inspired by the rustling leaves, dancing to the wind, beautiful jewellery studded with bright green gemstones symbolizes the delicate leaves!

While riding the waves and exploring the vast sea, the curious fish landed up on our designers’ workstation, revealing the secrets of the oceans and inspiring us to capture its true form in the intricate designs of our jewellery.

We drew inspiration from the mighty yet humble elephant, taking a relaxing walk by a lake and crafted it into a design so mesmerizing, you’ll commit it to your memory, just like the elephant.

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