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Meet Midi Rings! The whole fashion world is buzzing with this cool trend. If you’ve flipped through a fashion magazine lately or even watched a red carpet event, it’s likely that you have witnessed models and celebrities wearing them. What’s so special about them? Well, the minimal allure of the rings speaks for itself.

Midi rings are worn on your fingers just above your lower knuckle. They’re easy to wear, look absolutely stunning and are here to stay!

Check out our style tips to make the most out of this trend-



Stacking is a technique of placing rings on multiple fingers in a pattern. And the options are endless –

1] Go for the classic stack by aligning them on your index, middle and ring finger.

MidiImage 1

2] Play with some negative space by wearing them on alternate fingers.

MidiImage 2

3] Or go for a double stack!

MidiImage 3

Experiment with different coloured metals for a fun and playful look.

MidiImage 4

Have fun with motifs

MidiImage 5

Or go solo!

MidiImage 6 Now that you know all about styling these rings, go ahead and style your everyday outfits with midi rings! Go on, put that fresh paint of nail polish and you’re good to go. Shop Midi Rings Now!

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