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V-Day Gifts

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Because Cupid Isn’t Judgy!

Got a man? Got a crush? Getting engaged? Reuniting with an ex? Reigniting your marriage? Whatever your plans this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got one response: Right on, playa! Because, call us corny, but we love to celebrate love—all kinds of love. And being that Valentine’s is all about doing just that, well, we may have gone a bit overboard in preparation. But hey, finding a gift for your S.O, doesn’t matter how long or less you’ve been together was never as easy task!

So, we’ve mapped out our perfect gifts for every relationship stage — from the first Tinder date to growing old together. Click through to find your perfect match.

The Inseparable Couple

Love Pendant

You’re joint at the hip and you take 24 x 7 to a whole new level together. The chances are that every time someone wants to meet you, the other half will come along, always. The keywords here are together and always, which will also make the perfect tale for inscribed collection .

Our pick: A Two Hearts Engraved  Pendant for men might be the best way to proudly wear a symbol of your forever, everywhere. Or pick a lettered bauble from the Initials Collection for the man, as the perfect way to go the extra mile without being over the top.

The Long-Distance Couple


You are miles apart and haven’t seen each other for months. But that’s not stopping you love birds, making it work with video calls and emails. Go the distance and celebrate the strong belief you’ll both share in this relationship with something precious.

Our pick: The lattice cut-out Gail Heart Link Drop Earrings or the Toby Wave Cufflinks for your unique way to tell each other how special it all is, even if you can’t be there on Valentine’s Day.

The Crazy-in-Love Couple


Googly eyed, this new romance comes with a lot of love, laughs and special moments. You can’t get your eyes off each other and every moment apart seems too long.

Our Pick: Surprise her with the Alecia Love Ring from our Love Charms Collection because there’s nothing better than a little sparkle to say it! For the man, we’d pick a Brooke Gold Band for Him to shower all the love!

The Best Friend Couple


Sometimes it’s hard to figure out whether you’re buddies or a couple. Fighting and making up every other moment and gossiping endlessly, you’ve moved your friendship to a romantic space.

Our Pick: Spoil your BFF with the Jane Maroon Rose Ring or a Allure Gold Band For Him as the perfect special gesture won’t go unnoticed!

The Long Term Couple


Everyone knows you’ll are in it for the long haul. You’ve already picked out wedding venues and engagement rings! Time to step up your game and show her you really mean it when you say “we’re eternal”.

Our Pick: Spell it out for each other with the Forever Solitaire Diamond Ring and the Derreck Ring For Him, and you’ll surely make it a moment to document in scrapbooks to come!

The Old School Couple


You’ve taken your time knowing each other and haven’t even made your relationship public yet. After countless dates, gifts and handwritten letters, you’re finally itching to tell your friends and family about your love.

Our Pick: An Engraved Heart Pendant and the Geometric Lined Men’s Bracelet to make this year truly special.

The Married Couple


No, you’ll aren’t married but your friends almost think you are. Whether it’s grocery shopping together or making a chore chart, you’ve already taken on shared responsibilities and begun hanging out together in pajamas.

Our Pick: Time to knot your relationship in a timeless bond with the Ella Knotted Necklace from the Love Knots collection. Spoil the man with the Bert Cupped cufflinks for men that he’s sure to show off!

If you’ve been nodding along while thinking about your special someone, then it’s time to buy jewellery online and quickly grab a gift to arrive right on time and make this Valentine’s Day extra special!

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