What will Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2016 be?

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Every year, colour authority Pantone gives us the shade that epitomizes the year ahead. Why is this colour so important, you ask? With close to 75% of human experience being visual, the Pantone Colour of the Year dictates trends in jewellery, clothing and décor, and reflects the spirit of our times. 2015 was all about Marsala while 2014 couldn’t get enough of Radiant Orchid. We can’t wait for December to find out which hue will rule 2016. Pantone has already stated that next year’s most dominant shade will display contrasts between the real and unreal, so the guessing game can begin. We decided to put on our detective’s hat to round up the prime suspects. Here they are!

Deep Peacock (17-5029)


By studying the patterns of selection in the past 16 years, it has come to light that Pantone selects similar colours every 8 years. Keeping that in mind, this vibrant blue-green is a top candidate for 2016’s colour of the year!

Topaz (16-1150)


It has been a while since colours from the yellow palette were included in the prestigious Colour of the Year category, which is why this beautiful jewel tone from the ‘Bijoux’ palette makes the list. Upbeat and bold, this colour is a definite head turner and indicates a happy year ahead.

Snorkel Blue (19-4049)


This bold number is subdued and sophisticated while evoking feelings of magic and surrealism. Regal and energetic, this gorgeous blue is versatile and can be found in gemstones, enamel, textiles, shoes and even paint.

Mars Red (18-1655)


A part of the ‘Lineage’ palette for home decor, we hope to see this shade at the top because of how au courant it is. A classic yet eccentric red, it matches well with toned down shades as well as equally bright ones.

Rose Quartz (13-1520)


This pale pink is another new kid on the block. Its appeal lies in the fact that it manages to be feminine and sophisticated at the same time, and embodies 2016 perfectly.

What do you think 2016’s Colour of the Year will be? And will it top the Marsala craze of 2015?

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