When Can I Get My Baby’s Ears Pierced?

The simple answer to the question of when you can have your baby’s ears pierced is that you can do it at any time you want. The only difference is that the decision lies with the parents when it is a baby. Traditionally, we pierce our baby’s ears when they are infants, sometimes even within the first three months. The ear-piercing practice is known as Karna Vedha and is a ritual that is celebrated with friends and family. It is part of our cultural heritage. According to Ayurveda, the centre of the ear lobe is significant. It is believed that piercing the ear at that point is good for their health.

The tradition of ear piercings

In earlier times, ear-piercing was done at home by calling the priest and as part of a ceremony. However, in present times, it has become a practice to take the baby to the jeweller and have an artisan pierce it for you. Whoever helps with the piercing, the time and day are always chosen with its auspiciousness in mind.

Ear piercing is such a common practice in India and other parts of the world that you wonder why there should be any controversy at all. However, there are opposing points of view if one should have their babies’ ears pierced at all, and if they should, at what age it must be done. 

Most families get the ear-piercing done as part of their family tradition. The tradition may have become somewhat diluted with so many nuclear families and young parents working and living away from their families. Modern parents prefer to consult with their children’s paediatrician to make sure that the act causes no harm. They also prefer to have it done in a clinical and sterile setting. Whatever the environment, there are safety factors to consider. The first one is the age of the baby.

When should you get your babies’ ears pierced?

People believe that ears must be pierced at the infant or toddler stage because they will soon forget the pain. Plus, the adults would take care of the pierced area. Moreover, the ear lobe is tender, and the piercing will go easier on the flesh. Experts advise that we wait for at least three months before we get the ear-piercing done. Modern parents go as far as to leave the decision to their children. They leave the ears unpierced till the child is ready to make a choice.

What kind of earrings should you choose?

There was a time when the ears were pierced with a needle sterilised through the fire. Then, a neem twig was pushed through, believing in its healing properties.

Parents used a new pair of earrings only when the hole was healed. Now, they get it done with a piercing gun that takes a small stud through the hole and is usually made of hypoallergenic metal. Danglers or drop earrings are considered a no-no as they could get caught in a garment, or the baby may tug at them.

The vital part of the piercing is aftercare. While it is critical to make sure the person uses only sterilised equipment, it is equally important to make sure they mark the spot for accuracy and use a numbing cream or ointment around the area. Make sure to hold the baby’s head firmly but gently so that the piercing doesn’t go wrong. Whatever earrings you choose, make sure that the baby doesn’t grab them or keep touching the area as it may get infected or the earring may cause a larger tear on the lobe.

Safety tips to be followed 

Medical practitioners recommend that you must wait at least three months before you have your baby’s ears pierced. The reasoning behind this caution is that if the area around the piercing gets infected, you may need to take the baby to a hospital, which is best avoided. 

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  • Choose the right earrings for your baby. Allergies can and do occur as the metal used in the earrings may cause a reaction around the pierced spot. Choosing hypoallergenic material, such as gold or silver, is always better. 
  • Make sure that only sterilised material is used for the piercing. The environment is just as important as the equipment used during the ear piercing.
  • Let the pierced area heal. Don’t fiddle with the ear lobe or change the earrings for at least six weeks. Little ones need to be watched because they may not know it’s unsafe to grapple with the new object in their ears. It is also necessary to ensure that you don’t get dangling earrings because they present a greater temptation for babies to pull at their ear lobes.
  • Consult the paediatrician if you see signs of infection. There may be redness, itching, swelling, or general discomfort. Remove the earrings immediately if you notice any of these signs. 

The importance of aftercare cannot be overstated. Your baby’s health is paramount, and giving the environment and the person chosen to pierce her ears some thought can go a long way to ensure that ear piercing is done correctly. You can pick out small earrings at CaratLane and consult with the jeweller for getting the ear piercing done safely.

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