26 Apr How to Choose the Best Jewellery For Your Lehenga

What is arguably the most popular form of Indian clothing apart from sarees, is the grand and mighty lehanga. Making appearances all around the world, now a global form of fashion, the lehanga is a top favourite when it comes to special celebrations and especially at weddings. Countless stylish looks have been created with different types of lehanga, given how versatile it is, the garment can be stitched in multiple ways with different types of fabrics. The most distinctive quality about a lehanga is its ability to adapt to any kind of body type, much like the saree. It’s very easy to dress down or dress up with this type of outfit and the deal maker (or breaker) is the jewellery chosen to pair with it. The simplest of designs can look very dressy or the most exquisitely crafted and stitched lehanga can look humble depending on the jewellery it’s worn with.

Earrings to go with your lehenga

You can go with a gemstone that matches the colour of your choli or go with pearls. Chand Bali designs are particularly suitable for lehengas. They have a Mughal influence, and the designs are various interpretations of the crescent moon. Hence, the name Chand Bali. They come in different designs, including the Viha garland gemstone chand Bali or the Parul Paisley diamond Chand Bali. If you have tiny pearls sewn onto the choli, you may go for the Pansy blossom pearl Chand Bali. 

You don’t need to restrict yourself to Chand Bali designs. You can go for the traditional jhumkas, too. You won’t go wrong with either choice. Jhumkas can be of plain gold or with diamonds, and they will still complement your lehenga. The Scroll and bead diamond jhumkas are made for a dark coloured choli as they will appear striking against the backdrop.

Nose rings

A pierced nose or not, nose rings add that extra style to lehengas. You can wear a Lali floral diamond nose pin or a simple Kavya gemstone nose pin with synthetic sapphire. If your nose is pierced, you would not want to leave it bare. A small and simple nose pin that goes with the rest of the accessories would be ideal. 

Bangles and bracelets

What you wear around your wrist will also depend on the design of your choli. If you have heavy work on your choli, you may want to wear understated bracelets to showcase the choli design. On the other hand, you can accentuate it with an exquisite and elaborate bracelet. If you plan to wear pearl earrings, you may want to match them with a Ballotte pearl bracelet. But, if it is diamonds you want, wear the Wondrous leafy diamond bracelet. Make sure that the bracelet or bangles you wear don’t disappear because the sleeve of the choli has its own dramatic design. 


Pay attention to the neckline when it is time to choose the necklace. Lehenga cholis can have a round neck or a sweetheart neckline. Or, it can have a boat neck or a v-neck. Again, choose the necklace that compliments your earrings and bracelet. Chokers are a popular choice because they won’t diminish the work done on the choli. The Persis choker pearl necklace would make an ideal choice, especially if your neckline is not high. Chokers generate a lot of interest. So, you may want to tone down the rest of the jewellery if you are wearing a choker necklace. 


If you love wearing rings, why give up on them because you are wearing a lehenga? While rings may not draw much attention because of the lehenga or the necklace, they will still make you feel good. Simple gold bands won’t take the glamour away from the outfit or the accessories. The Dewdrops linear diamond ring can be a subtle addition to your ensemble. 

So far, we have been talking about wearing a lehenga for someone else’s function. But, if you are the bride and have to choose jewellery, you are bound to look for more, not less! You can consider Kundan jewellery or add several gold bangles with gemstones that match your lehenga. For the timeless classic look, it is gold and diamonds all the way. 

There are a couple of ways to look at jewellery for lehengas. If the three-piece lehenga is elaborately designed with pearls and crystals sewn onto them, you may want to wear understated jewellery. Or, you may want to add more bling to the outfit and wear jewellery that stands out over and above the lehenga. It is more a matter of personal sense of style. Brides can go overboard with jewellery because it is their day, and they are the centre of attraction. Every piece they wear will be noticed and photographed for posterity. But, as a guest, you choose the style and appearance. Lehengas are rarely worn for a casual evening or to work. So, it is only natural that the dress and accessories need some thought and suits the occasion. 

Designing jewellery that will go with an Indian outfit, be it a saree or lehenga, is a unique skill. Jewellery designers display their skills in this particular niche. That is why you are never short of choice when it comes to picking jewellery that will go with a specific outfit. You only need to ensure that your accessories don’t clash with each other or the outfit. A single theme should flow from top to bottom, as in the metal, the gemstones, and the style you choose.

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