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Namita Khemani

Miss Perfectionist: Namita Khemani

In Namita Khemani’s dictionary, P always stands for perfection! Intrinsically artistic and unabashedly bold, Bombay-based Namita Khemani worships her work. Our very own Head of

Diamond Ring

Colour Me Silly!

Your ultimate guide to summer-ready hues and the jewels to match! Yes we know it’s boiling hot outside but every cloud has a silver lining,

Kavitha Sugumar

The Fitness Geek: Kavitha Sugumar

There is nothing that this multi-tasker can’t do! There is something absolutely infectious about Kavitha Sugumar’s bundle of unending energy. It can’t not rub on

Pooja Bhatt

Mum’s The Word: Pooja Bhatt

Hot shot CA Pooja Bhatt may be a boss lady at work, but it is her mom who calls the shots at home! Grit, determination

Eshita Prasanna

The Pet Whisperer: Eshita Prasanna

Not your average girly-girl, pet photographer Eshita Prasanna believes in marching to her own beat. Gone are the days when accepted careers for women oscillated


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