Classic Single Stone Ring Designs That Never Go Out of Style

There is a reason why our eyes are always drawn to rings in a jewellery store, as rings are some of the most common jewellery that we pick up for ourselves or to give to someone we love. Rings come in an infinite variety, from simple gold bands to diamonds or gemstone-studded ones. They also come in various metals, including gold in all its hues, silver, and platinum. Of these, gold and platinum are probably the strongest to support a single stone in either a pave or prong setting. 

For centuries, single-stone rings have been a timeless piece of jewellery. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a promise ring, or a simple everyday accessory, a single-stone ring is a chic and classic way to show off your style. 

Single stones could mean one stone like a solitaire or a central stone with a few other accent stones. Single-stone rings can be as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on the type of stone you choose and the design of the ring. There are a variety of styles to choose from that are sure to stand the test of time and always stay in style. 

Single-stone engagement ring

If you’re looking for an engagement ring that is classic and timeless, a solitaire ring, like the Leno Solitaire Ring, is a perfect choice. This style features a single diamond in the centre of the ring, in a prong setting that is surrounded by a metal band. The Inaya Solitaire Ring will be a hit if your love prefers white gold. Here, you have the solitaire in a prong setting, with the smaller diamonds along the band, making the ring glitter from every angle. 

In a single-stone ring, the diamond is usually secured by four or six prongs that hold the stone in place. This type of ring is a classic choice for many brides-to-be, as it is simple and elegant. 

Single-stone halo ring

Another timeless single-stone ring design is a halo ring. This style features a centre diamond that is surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds. It’s a beautiful and intricate ring that will make a statement. The centrepiece can be a diamond or a spectacular gemstone like the Azura Halo Diamond Ring in white gold or a Rosalia Halo Gemstone Ring. Each of these rings sports a single dramatic stone surrounded by tiny diamonds. 

Vintage single-stone rings

Vintage styles are as popular as the more trendy designs. Even when the single stone is a solitaire, it is the setting that makes it stand out in a unique style. It brings out the old-world charm and makes it the most enduring through generations, becoming the ring that is passed down, making it a family heirloom. A perfect example is the Vintage Solitaire Ring in yellow gold. 

Cluster rings

You may think that a cluster of diamonds will not be the same as a single stone ring. But you would be mistaken in the assumption. For, even in a cluster ring like the Cluster Bloom Diamond Ring, you will notice that the centre stone stands out, glowing in its perfect setting and surrounded by smaller diamonds. A cluster ring is an excellent choice for those who like a more modern take on a classic single-stone ring. This style features multiple stones clustered together to create a unique and eye-catching design. It’s a great way to make a statement with your jewellery. 

As we have said before, a single stone can be a diamond or any other gemstone. And a pearl is always a classic. Look at the Pearl Mesh Diamond Ring, and you will see a single pearl standing out even when seated next to a cluster of diamonds. That is the allure of pearls. It is impossible to outshine them in design or uniqueness of style. 

Single stone bands

Classic single-stone rings are a common choice for men who like to wear rings. Typically, men prefer a simple band and a single stone instead of the more intricately designed clusters of diamonds or gemstones. Rings like the Josh Diamond Band in yellow gold and the Allan Diamond Band for Men in two-toned gold are their go-to designs. 

Single-stone rings are a timeless and classic way to show off your individual style. No matter what type of stone or design you choose, you are sure to have a piece of jewellery that never goes out of style. When you visit CaratLane, you will see why single-stone rings are the perfect choice for a classic look that will endure, especially when they come in so many designs. 


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