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Celebrate Every Occasion With a Beautiful Ring

You deserve the most unique and best ring designs to celebrate the gift of life and its occasions. Be it the latest trends, the red carpet designs, or casual wear for an evening out with friends, the right ring can glam-up any event for you.

With numerous stones and gems to choose from, our aim is to spoil you for choice when it comes to choosing and customising designs for yourself. This is why we work particularly hard towards customising and refashioning. Hence we constantly strive to give you the latest designs of diamond ring, gold rings that are unique and fashion forward. When you wear your best, you feel your best and we’re here to enhance that feel-good factor.

Culture and history is everything
Since our experience has let us add a dash of sparkle into many lives, you can trust that we will give you exactly what your heart desires.

Being insiders and experts in the jewellery business, we try to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs without compromising on quality. Easy to love, easy to buy Jewellery online – that’s our motto!

Excellence guaranteed
Our collections are curated to fit every need you might have. Not sure about the fit? Visit one of our stores or opt for our Try At Home option to make sure you never make an expensive mistake. Unsure about the kind of jewellery to wear for a specific event? We’ve got you covered. Use our filters and choose rings tailor-made for specific occasions. Want to show your mother how special she is? We have experts waiting to help you pick out the perfect piece for her!

With savings of up to 30%, using for your online ring shopping, it will be the best choice you have made.

Spoil you for choice

  • Casual Rings
  • These are the perfect statement pieces to dress-up your everyday outfits with a touch of sparkle. Rings For Women such as the Zeal Heart Solitaire Ring and the Crossover Leaf Ring would instantly take you from not-yet-ready to all-dressed-up. You can find beautiful diamond ring designs for female with starting price of Rs.5984

  • Bands
  • Be it a wedding band or an anniversary ring, such as the Cascade Ring or the Nina Ring, our collection of bands is fashionable as well as comfortable.

  • Cluster
  • Rings that are made with a cluster of stones, and gemstone rings incorporated in one setting, like the Dazzle Ring and the Cluster Bloom Ring, are designed for formal and celebratory occasions.

  • Eternity
  • Pieces such as the Celebration Eternity Ring, usually made with diamonds of the same size are uniformly spread around the ring, adding a touch of elegance to your wardrobe choices.

  • Cocktail
  • Getting ready for a party and need that one piece of jewellery to make your whole outfit click? Try the Jodha or the Claire Amethyst Cocktail Rings to make a statement.

  • Bridal
  • Our bridal ring and engagement ring collection with diamond, gold or platinum setting, such as the Oath Bridal Ring and the Aura Bridal Ring Set are the perfect symbols of love for your betrothed.

    One size fits all? We don’t think so!

    Ever wondered how you could make jewellery shopping as easy as clothes and footwear shopping? Ever browsed through the catalogs of our store and wished you could try them on, just like you would with those new pair of jeans?

    Well, we’ve noted your wish and made it our command! Our app is the world’s first 3D virtual try-on app, and it may just help you find the ring you’ve been searching for – the finger rings that would make your hands sparkle and your personality dazzle.

    We know that one size never fits all, so let us do all the work while you watch your family’s happy faces as they open their carefully thought-out gifts.

    Eager to know how these gold rings, platinum rings and many other would feel on your hand? Our stores have open jewellery cases, giving you the option to try rings to your heart’s content!

    Browse, choose, click and go

  • Certificate of Authenticity: Need to ensure authenticity? All rings come with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ which is recognized by the Government of India.

  • Money back Guarantee: Careful about your spending? We have a money-back policy, and you can return your ring within 30 days for a 100% refund if you are not fully satisfied with it

  • Multiple payment options: Forgot to go to the ATM again? Netbanking or using Credit/Debit cards are swift processes. We use Western Union transfers too!

  • Conflict free diamonds: Our zero tolerance policy means that our diamonds are obtained legally and respectfully.

  • Need some help figuring what you want to buy? Click on the chat window and our team of experts will help you make the best choice for your requirement!

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