23 Mar Daily wear rings to elevate your work and casual outfits.

It is hard to say if rings can be defined by the generation. At one time, women wore wedding bands as the only daily wear ring. They were added to an engagement ring that was slightly more ornamental than the gold wedding band. Rings are also seen as a sign of wealth and social status. More often than not, they were markers of different milestones in life. A coming of age ring, an engagement ring, a wedding band rings are special occasions in life’s journey. Even the ornate rings had a solitaire or a single gemstone surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. 

However, artistic imagination took flight and brought a variety of designs that takes your breath away. There is a design for every finger, style, age, and gender. The ring designs have not relied on the shape of the finger but more on the period they are worn. The love of rings and gemstones has prevailed through centuries, so much that the gems have gained prominence.

Rings began to be crafted intricately with hearts, infinity knots, flowers, and many more themes that included sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and pearls.

Women started wearing metals other than yellow gold, opting for rose or white gold, silver, or platinum. Now, it is rare to see a finger unadorned by a ring. 

You see women in all walks of life sporting at least a ring if not two or more. There is no restriction to wear a ring only on the ‘ring finger’. You can wear many rings or stackable rings on one finger, or you can wear rings on as many fingers as you like. With such freedom, the demand to get more creative and design different types of rings is only natural. 

How to choose daily wear rings

Not everyone is at ease with sliding off their rings and putting them on again every time they have a task at hand. For one thing, it is easy to forget and damage the ring. For another, it is easy to lose the ring or forget where you have put them for safekeeping. So, ask yourself a few questions before choosing your daily wear ring.

  • Do you work with your hands? For instance, if you are a potter or a sculptor, you are working with tools and different types of material. They may not be suitable for your rings.
  • Do you use gloves often? If you wear a ring with prongs or stones set high off the finger, they will get caught in the lining, especially for doctors whose rings can pierce the lining. A low-profile bezel setting will sit better inside the glove, and your gems won’t get dislodged.
  • Narrow spaces like a handbag or pocket are not accessible when you wear a ring with delicate prongs. If your work demands routing through your bags and pockets frequently or stacking shelves in a store or library, you would be better off wearing a ring that can handle getting knocked around. Such work is not suitable for delicate pieces of jewellery.

However, the majority of the millennials and Gen Zs work with a computer. While bracelets and bangles can be uncomfortable as they bang against the desk or the keyboard, finger rings make a great accessory. The trick is to understand the type of rings that will be least cumbersome to wear daily and make your choice accordingly. 

Types of daily wear rings

Typically, the types of daily wear rings follow comfort and lifestyle. Therefore, they are rings that don’t get caught on something or knocked around. Having gemstones that sit higher off the finger would not be a good idea as the gems could fall off the ring. 

Daily chores around the house must also be kept in mind. If you are an avid gardener or cook, you may want to wear a simpler ring such as a plain band instead of a more intricate design. Durable metal is preferable to the more delicate pavé bands, which is also why a gold alloy of 10K or 14K is better. Gold plated rings are a no-no because they will lose their finish and show damage more easily. However, if you wish to avoid showing scratches on your gold ring, a platinum ring would work better.

Daily wear rings to jazz up your work outfit.

Knowing that your choice is to go with comfort for daily wear jewellery, you can still wear the more creative designs that really elevates your office wear look. 

Go for the stackable ring.

The wavy stackable or the swivel stackable gold rings make daily wear rings look a little dashing. The best part of it is that you can wear just one or add a couple of more to the ring to give it a new look.

The stylish contemporary ring is for everyone.

If you want to wear just one ring with your office wear, you can wear the silver enamelled ring. It sits lightly on your finger and gives you the freedom to type away all through the day, even as it calls attention to the beauty of the ring.

A designer gold band

If you would rather stick with a gold band, you can go for the floret cutout ring and give a whole new meaning to gold bands.  

As you can see at CaratLane, daily wear rings do not mean limited choice or a lack of unique designs. Within the one item of jewellery – the finger ring – you have so much variety that you are unlikely to run out of ideas on taking your office wear up a notch or two. 

What’s more, you can jazz up your daily wear rings into party wear in a few seconds. For one thing, rings are compact, and you can slip a ring box into your handbag. You can take it out for the evening with your friends. Better still, wear stackable rings. Wear one during the day when you’re at work. Add the rest as you get ready for the fancy party. 

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