04 May A guide to men’s engagement ring

Times have changed and how! 

For a long time, men wore wedding bands or went without rings to show they were married. The women were always given engagement rings during the proposal and as a sign of love and promise. These women’s engagement rings often came as a set and had a matching wedding band. Now, men get to have engagement rings, too.

Yes, Indian men did receive rings from their families during the engagement ceremony. But is it the same as a woman giving it to her fiance? Where is the romance in it? 

Men’s engagement rings need not be as ornate or elaborate as women’s. But there can still be an understated ring that is minimalistic yet classy, perhaps even with an inscription. It can still speak of love and commitment. Could it be that difficult to find engagement rings for your men? 

Perhaps this guide will be of help!

Know your partner

Start getting to know your partner’s sense of style. Is he the kind who loves the classic form of crisp shirts and pants? Is he the kind to experiment with prints? Does he love vibrant colors? Have you seen him a lot in floral? Does he wear any piece of jewellery at all? A single ear stud? A simple, thin gold chain around his neck? A Kada around his wrist?

These are all hints that could help with understanding what kind of a ring will suit him. And even more, one that he will fall in love with (like he did, with you!). Before shopping for an engagement ring, it is best to know his likes and dislikes regarding jewellery. Once you are clear about what he would love to wear constantly, picking the perfect one will be a breeze. 

Know your budget

While budget may be a big influencer, once you are convinced of what he likes and will wear, an engagement ring can always either be customised to the budget or ofcourse, picked from a variety of readily available designs. It is too easy to get carried away when you have so many rings in front of you. Each design may be unique and call to you. A firm budget in no way limits your choices, nor does it remove the best designs. It only makes the shopping stress-free even as it speaks of love. 

Know the ring size

You would not want to make a mistake on ring size. The best solution is to go shopping together to try out the rings and find the perfect fit. If you intend to surprise him with an engagement ring, you may need a few tricks and be more surreptitious when measuring for a ring. Fortunately, stores like CaratLane let you try them and exchange them if they don’t fit. You may lose the element of surprise, but there is no doubt that you will have one happy partner. 

Types of men’s engagement rings

Now that you have your facts in order, you may want to consider a few other factors – metal, width, and finish. Metals used in engagement or wedding rings are meant to last. Some men may prefer platinum rings to yellow, white, or rose gold.

Platinum: Platinum is more subtle in colour and doesn’t show scratches from hard work or daily wear. But, it is a slightly more expensive metal.

Gold: Gold, yellow, white or rose are good options. Yellow gold has been the traditional choice for a wedding band, and you may want the engagement ring to match. You could always change the wedding band to the same coloured gold as the engagement ring. The truth is that gold never goes out of style. It is a warmer colour, and if you were to have a couple of small diamonds in the ring, they would show up beautifully, like the classic hammered band. White gold is more contemporary and maybe your partner’s choice.

Stainless steel: One of the more recent changes to jewellery is the use of stainless steel. For the budget-conscious wedding shopper, stainless steel may be a natural choice. 

Width is more of a matter of personal comfort. A thin band may be lighter and more comfortable for those not used to wearing rings. Men who work with their hands or have larger hands may find that a thicker band works better. The idea of exchanging engagement or wedding rings is that they stay on the finger as a meaningful symbol; having them break or fall off will defeat the purpose.

Men may be a bit more particular about the finish because they tend to prefer comfort over beauty. Accordingly, they may like a matte finish to a high glossy one. A matte finish won’t be shiny and reflective when they are making presentations to the board. A highly polished one tends to be more reflective and is also prone to scratches. You also have a satin finish that is shiny but doesn’t appear flashy. 

It is safe to say that men would have more opinions on the width, metal, and finish than the design, per se. It need not be a concern because we have a ring to suit every preference. At CaratLane, we give you a choice of metal, design, and finish. You want to buy an engagement ring for your love, look no further. 

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