19 Apr The Best Eid Al-Fitr Gifts for Traditional Ramadan & Eid Gift Giving?

For Muslims, it is the Eid celebration that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It is a day when you reaffirm your faith after the month of Ramadan when you were careful in thought, word, and deed. 

During Eid, ‘eidia’ is given to friends and family. Eidia is a gift and could be of money, jewellery, or any other kind of gift. While the festival of Eid begins on the last day of Ramadan, at sunset, Muslims give and receive gifts at any time during Ramadan.

Those who celebrate Eid, dress up in special attire and wear stunning jewellery as they get together with family to mark the end of fasting and enjoy the festival of Eid. There are also fine pieces of jewellery with precious gemstones that amp up the outfit on Eid. Obviously, gifts of jewellery will always be a hit and not just with the women in your life.

Eid Al-Fitr Gifts for men

Rings make a great gift for men and can be given to fathers, uncles, brothers, and sons. The Declan diamond ring for men is an easy choice. The yellow gold and diamonds can mark a special day and will last a lifetime. 

Men wear necklaces too. Your young brother would be thrilled to receive a personalised gold pendant necklace like the Dazzle alphabet E diamond necklace. It has a straightforward design to appeal to young men and has the glitter to add some glamour. 

While you can pick jewellery items for men as gifts for Eid, women are much easier to shop for! There are too many designs that cover more than rings and necklaces. They can deck themselves from top to toe, express their faith, and celebrate Eid in their glory. 

Eid Al-Fitr Gifts for women

You can either choose something simple like the Frond diamond stud earrings or go for the extravagant pair of Thyra diamond hoop earrings. Then, there are brightly coloured gemstones that can adorn women’s ears, young and old alike. The Gleaming navratna gemstone stud earrings will add colour, sparkle, and glamour to whatever they wear.


Women love wearing bangles. And bangles with a few diamonds will bring a smile to their faces when they receive an Irsia diamond bangle on Eid Al-Fitr. The trendy Classic gemstone bangle will add colour to their ensemble. 

If bangles are not their thing, bracelets ought to do the trick. An adjustable bracelet can be a romantic and practical choice. You can have the bracelet engraved with her name, and as it is adjustable, she can wear it for a long time. Moreover, bracelets like the Ira personalised adjustable diamond bracelet are easier on the wallet. 

For that remarkable woman in your life, who loves pearls and diamonds, nothing else will do but the Darrius pearl necklace. It is unique in design in rose gold with mother of pearl and diamonds. Bring a little faith into the gift with a Twine star diamond pendant necklace. You can’t go wrong with the Personalised Drop Gold pendant

What about the Mahin gemstone ring for your special someone? The synthetic sapphire surrounded by rubies and diamonds showcases your sense of aesthetics with flair. The yellow gold and gemstones in a micro prong setting will definitely become a favourite piece of jewellery in her collection.

Why gifts of jewellery?

While it is the thought that counts, you can always choose gifts like a box of chocolates, clothes, books, etc. You can also pick the type of gifts that you know they will like. But, a gift that endures will be the best kind. The occasion will make it more special, and the jewellery items will last a lifetime. They also don’t ever go out of fashion! That alone is sufficient reason to look at jewellery for gift giving. 

Agreed, Eid Al-Fitr is not about the gifts. It is about faith and family. It is the day when families come together and enjoy elaborately prepared meals prepared with love, a celebration at the end of Ramadan. Everyone wears their best clothes, get together for prayers, eat and rejoice in each other’s company. You may think that picking out jewellery from an endless list of designs is a little challenging. But it should be easier now that you have a few ideas. 

So this Eid-Al-Fitr, make sure you give careful thought to the type of gifts you want to choose. And, if it is jewellery you plan to select, there’s no place like CaratLane – for design, quality, colour, and style. Crafted with exceptional skill, jewellery from CaratLane gives you variety and choice. Don’t lose another moment before sifting through their jewellery items.

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