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As far as painstakingly intricate jewellery is concerned, connoisseurs will be quick to vouch for the many merits of the filigree jewellery technique. New to the concept? Simply put, filigree (also known as filigrann or filigrane) is the technique that involves twisting, shaping and soldering thread-like wires of precious metals into baubles that are akin to pieces of art.

This much-renowned technique is as old as the human civilization itself. Its earliest traces back to 3,000 BC, where the people of Mesopotamia favoured it, and mentions are even found in medieval Europe. Filigree was born when our forefathers, inspired by intricate lace and fine thread work, attempted to replicate the same using metals. Golden and silver threads were dexterously entwined to mimic the delicateness of lacework on women’s clothing in Europe. This lacing of metals was initially used in the crowns of royalty and the armour of knights but was quickly picked and loved by the girls too. Except that it was a man who introduced the girls to them! King Edward VII was the first to give the filigree crown an uplift by introducing precious stones in subtle tones such as sapphire and diamonds with a bouquet of combined metals such as platinum and silver. It’s allure soon spread across the medieval world from Greece to Persia.

Filigree requires painstaking skill and handcrafting, which meant that ancient jewellers showed their merit through how well they could spin it. This also meant filigree was only reserved for the royalty. Contemporary filigree uses machines to make, and is affordable and accessible to women of all walks of life! It also includes the introduction of brighter stones, contemporary designs and faux stones.

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