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If there’s anything you need to know about these dancing jewels, it is that they are super sassy and flirty. Yes, we’re talking about tassels that know how to sway, move and flirt with the air just like your hair. If you haven’t made space for these in your jewellery chest yet, you need to pronto! Here are 10 things you need to know about these super feminine trinkets and why they are truly every woman’s best friend.

  1. Tassels are progressive: Tassel jewellery collection first emerged in the 1870s during the discoveries of the Renaissance period. Jewellers were making trinkets inspired by the natural world and tassels were born.
  2. Tassels make you want to break free: Tassels are best associated with the flapper and suffrage movements of the 1920s when women were breaking out into the open. These sisters fought for our rights, loved to dance and be free. Tassels were their best friends.
  3. Tassels are boho: Tassels re-emerged with the second wave feminist movement in the 1970s. This was the age of flower power and dancing free like never before.
  4. Tassels can be DIY: Tassels are super easy to make at home with just a few loose chains and are easy on your pocket as well.
  5. Tassels are dancers: Tassels called Jadanagam in South India are best associated with women of strength and agility. These were worn by traditional Indian dancers to highlight their hops, skips and jumps!
  6. Tassels are loyal: Tassel knots were exchanged in ancient China as tokens of true love during wedding ceremonies.
  7. Tassels are not just for the summer: Tassels can catch the breeze and make for wonderful autumn/winter accessories too. This is why they are as popular in the West as they are in Eastern societies.
  8. Tassels can be classic too: Not just boho-chic, tassels can be given an elegant and time-honoured makeover when worn as pearl jewellery!
  9. Tassels are universal: Tassels have occupied a special place across all religions, countries, and cultures. For instance, tassels are an important part of Judaistic religious wear.
  10. Tassels are loved by celebs: Celebrities who have given their nod to tassel jewellery include Amal Clooney, J.Lo and Nicole Kidman among others.

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