7 love & laughter silver screen moments

love & laughter silver screen moments

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Romance on celluloid makes our hearts burst with joy! We’re all romantics at heart. Whether you admit it or not, all of us tear up or smile a little when we see love coming to life on the silver screens, played by our favourite actors in our favourite movies. Love and laughter go hand in hand, and cinema tends to do the best job of portraying this. Some scenes are so beautiful and profound that they tend to stick around in the dusty corners of our mind long after the end credits have rolled. Read on to find out our top picks of unforgettable love and laughter moments in the ‘Woods of the world as we inch closer to Valentine’s Day. 10 Things I Hate About You zz1 Heath Ledger plays the enticing bad boy Patrick Verona to the hilt, but what really makes our hearts flutter is when he sheds this image and regales Kat with a truly romantic ballad—Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You—while dancing across the school bleachers and enlisting the marching band’s help. Juno zz2 This quirky little film is an instant heart-warmer anyway, but certain moments really give us the fuzzy feels! It is especially cute when Juno realizes she loves Paulie, and decides to tell him so by jamming his mailbox with his favourite orange Tic-Tacs. The lyrics of Juno’s most popular song, Anyone Else But You are adorable too! No Strings Attached zz5   Everybody likes feeling special, and Ashton Kutcher made Natalie Portman feel exactly that after a difficult day by buying her a bouquet of carrots because of her ‘no flowers’ rule. If anybody wants to learn how to combine humour and romance, ladies and gentlemen, Ashton Kutcher is the man! The Notebook tumblr_ljai5e2QFL1qc9lnso1_500_large Allie and Noah’s romance is the stuff legends are made of. The part where Noah convinces a petrified Allie to put her trust in him and lie down in the middle of the road (and her ensuing reactions) not only makes us giggle but also go “awwww!” Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge lBRcA4 Romance in India has come to be defined by the undying love that Raj and Simran shared, especially their first meeting. A playful Raj, who helps Simran catch the train to Europe, tries his best to work his charm on her to no avail. His efforts definitely had us in splits! Jab We Met zz3 That moment when Kareena realizes her heart lies with the man she travelled so much with brings much love and laughter to our lives. Set in the golden fields of Punjab, the two dysfunctional characters finally unite, and hearts brim over with love everywhere. Tamasha zz6 Imitating the infamous Don, emulating strange Chinese accents, and the return of an engagement ring on its rightful finger tickle our funny bones and our hearts too. It’s heartwarming to see Ranbir Kapoor return to the woman he loves after a journey of serious self discovery. Give your romance a dose of love and laughter by entering our Duet Dubsmash contest here. And while you’re at it, check out our V-Day selection for the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

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