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Presenting our ‘Peacock’ collection

We love playing guess games — dumb-charades and Chinese whispers — for what’s fun without some play? And our new collection is here and we want you to guess our muse without scrolling down! He’s a dancer, a romantic at heart and he’ll break out into a jig to amuse his girlfriend. Did we mention he’s romanticized by the rain?

Full points if you guessed that it’s the elegant and eternally poised peacock we’re talking about! The grace and beauty of peacocks have enthralled audiences over centuries. Their decadent plumage and coy nature has made them a symbol of wealth, beauty and even pride across cultures. In India, peacocks were associated with royalty and devotion with hand-held fans of fine feathers used to fan monarchs. In Europe, this love extended to design inspirations — this beautiful bird’s shining train of feathers representing the exotic and mysterious, has inspired costume gowns in the ‘Golden Age’ of fashion between 1894-1920.

Celebrities, socialites and jewellery lovers have for long shown their love for the peacock — from Keira Knightley, Jennifer Lawrence, and closer home, Sonam Kapoor.

Enough said for why our new collection is an ode to this timeless symbol of grace. Our muse’s plumage, close-ups of his crown and intricately colourful train are brought to life in this new collection. Classic enamel hand-craftsmanship of the highest skill combine 18KT gold, diamonds and enamels in shades of blue, green and yellow. We’ve retained a soft corner for the delicate eye of the peacock throughout our collection as a recurring motif.

Even so, we’ve given the designs a modern update to make them as relevant as possible. Choose between an engagement ring celebrating the many colours of love inspired by his plume in our Crown Peacock Ring or show them you have an eye for the details like a girl boss with the Entwined Peacock Earrings that double up from day to evening. Perhaps you need a tad of splendour for wedding season or evening soirees? Look to our Peacock Pinion Necklace for glamour that stays soulful.

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