Best designs for a gold mangalsutra

A mangalsutra is the physical embodiment of the bond a married woman shares with her partner. This symbolic piece of jewellery is an important and once in a lifetime investment that you will always treasure. Indian married women prize their mangalsutras more than any other piece of jewellery and, in most cases, are rarely seen without them. This sacred piece of jewellery requires some thought before buying because of the many designs available. Mangalsutras are steeped in tradition but have also evolved into sleek and unique pieces for the modern woman. 

To help you decide which mangalsutra works best for you, we’ve come up with a list of the best designs for a gold mangalsutra. This guide covers some of the more popular mangalsutra designs and will help you pick the perfect piece of jewellery to wear on a much-awaited special day. 

Solitaire mangalsutra

Solitaire mangalsutras hint at tradition while maintaining an ultra-chic and contemporary look. Black bead gold string is accentuated with a stunning solitaire gemstone which personifies grace and sophistication—for example, the Aahana Solitaire Mangalsutra or the Kresha Solitaire Mangalsutra. You can choose a diamond for the epitome of sophistication or coloured gemstones to add some personality to your jewellery. This beautiful mangalsutra will pair well with traditional and modern outfits and accessories and can even be worn for occasions other than your wedding day. This style of mangalsutra is perfect for the modern woman and is the ideal blend of traditional and contemporary. 

Flower mangalsutra

The Neisha diamond mangalsutra features a beautiful floral design as the centrepiece of your jewellery. The exquisite floral pattern of the Saisha Diamond mangalsutra is perfect for women who dare to be unconventional. Following a minimal aesthetic, this piece highlights what is essential for the wedding. When paired with floral earrings, this mangalsutra is a classic option that will have you radiate the beauty of the flowers in your mangalsutra.

Minimal glam

Elaborate gemstones and flashy designs can be a bit much for certain people. And if you are one of them, minimal mangalsutras are your best option, like the Preksha gemstone mangalsutra or the Anika gemstone mangalsutra. They have a simpler aesthetic but still reflect elegance, sophistication and class. Traditional design elements like black beads are paired with untraditional elements like a small gold pendant. This unique combination makes the mangalsutra appropriate for everyday use, which we can wear on special occasions, too. Such mangalsutras are more versatile as they combine utility and aesthetics and can be paired with other accessories. 

Meenakari mangalsutra

Meenakari has rich detailing on the pendant and is a work of art. It is for the brides who want to pull out all the stops and make an impact. Loaded with Jaipur gems and intricate gold work, these diamond mangalsutras are crafted with precision and effort. They come in various colours and designs and can be personalised to suit your tastes and the bridal outfit. This beautiful mangalsutra allows you to keep a bit of tradition that is sure to turn heads at your wedding.

Long-chain mangalsutra

Long-chain mangalsutras are a short step away from tradition for newlyweds who want to experiment and think outside the box. The Romali mangalsutra bead chain is a fine example, shining a light on the beadwork instead of highlighting only the pendant. Beadwork combined with knot details makes an exquisite chain that stands out from traditional mangalsutras. Depending on your taste, you can choose any length from 16 inches to 20 inches or more. The beautiful chain on this mangalsutra is lightweight and can be worn all the time. While it is not the conventional length of a mangalsutra, it falls somewhere in the middle between older designs and the new modern ones. 

Mangalsutra bracelets

Another unconventional option for couples seeking the extraordinary is mangalsutra bracelets. As the name suggests, the intricate design elements of the mangalsutra are re-imagined into a bracelet. While this is a far cry from tradition, it is a style that is gaining popularity after being publicised by celebrity Shilpa Shetty. Bracelets like the Misty diamond mangalsutra bracelet add a level of convenience and can look absolutely stunning with a thread of black beads adjoined with a pendant or charm piece. The Meher diamond mangalsutra bracelet is elegance personified. This mangalsutra is perfect for those rebels at heart and is a unique way of expressing your personality while still looking fabulous.

Times have changed from when only sentiment or tradition ruled the wedding day and all it entailed for the bride. In earlier times, women only had a single mangalsutra that was never removed. Now, the modern woman is looking for more than one, so she can change it up a little through the years or when an occasion calls for a different look. The meaning of wearing a mangalsutra will never change, but its representation can and has. Be bold and go for any of the designs in CaratLane. You will find a mangalsutra that is a natural symbol of marriage and still show your unique style.

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