Unique Mangalsutra Design Every Bride Must Know About 

Is there a perfect mangalsutra when you have so many to choose from? Absolutely. While the history of mangalsutra dates back to the Vedic period, it is still prevalent and focuses on the pivotal moment of a wedding ceremony. In earlier times, mangalsutra consisted of a sacred thread and was considered a symbol of their marital status and believed to have religious and spiritual significance. 

Over the centuries, what started as a sacred yellow thread with a gold pendant engraved with the family deity has evolved into the current statement of love and commitment between a couple. The statement comes in various forms and designs. The significance of a mangalsutra is a constant, but it is represented with enormous creativity by the designer and the willingness of the bride to wear something unique.

When it comes to choosing a mangalsutra, it is not always easy to pick one. Nevertheless, there is always the perfect one for you. Even the traditional gold mangalsutra has taken on new avatars with black beads, diamonds, and gemstones, giving you more choices of colour, metal, and pendant design. Hopefully, the design choices below will help narrow your search for your own mangalsutra.

The Classic Chain Mangalsutra 

This is the most traditional mangalsutra design and is still worn by many brides today. It is a simple chain in gold or a chain with black beads that represents the strength of the marital bond. Traditionally, the mangalsutra is 24 – 30 inches long, with the pendant falling against the heart. Inserting the black beads in the chain is believed to ward off negativity or evil spirits. For example, the Kamya Gold Coin Mangalsutra has a few black beads, and the pendant has the required two vatis to protect and ensure prosperity.

The Pearl Mangalsutra 

This mangalsutra design is perfect for brides who want something a little more feminine. The pearl represents purity and innocence, making it an ideal symbol of marriage. Additionally, the pearls can hold a pendant with diamonds and gemstones to make it a comfortable fit for any lifestyle. The Anahata Watimani Gemstone Mangalsutra has all that a woman would want and perfectly blends the traditional with the modern. 

The Silver Mangalsutra 

Did you know that you can wear a silver mangalsutra? Lovers of silver jewellery would find this entirely liberating with its lightness and can pair it with other silver accessories adding a unique style to the traditional mangalsutra. What better way to represent the marriage than the Yin and Yang Black Beads Necklace? It is more than just unique; it also symbolises unity and has the customary black beads to keep negativity away. 

The Diamond Mangalsutra 

Do we need to leave diamonds out of the mangalsutra? Definitely not! Adding a few diamonds to the pendant makes the mangalsutra sparkle and is a glamorous touch to the symbol of marriage. You have the expected black beads strung together in gold and the perfect diamond-laden centrepiece with the Ersheen Diamond Mangalsutra

Gemstone Mangalsutra

When you can go for sparkle, why not go for some colour, too? The Anika Gemstone Mangalsutra with a brilliant red gemstone surrounded by smaller diamonds is simple and very contemporary in design. You can wear this one with a saree or a formal work outfit. You can also wear it with your casual outfits, making it a most versatile mangalsutra. If you want to go all out and splurge on a truly grand mangalsutra, you have the Lekha Gemstone Mangalsutra. After all, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, aren’t they? The green gemstone, diamonds, and black beads lend themselves perfectly to the promise between the bride and the groom and the hope for a harmonious future.

Anjana Diamond Mangalsutra

Anjana Diamond Mangalsutra

Patram Diamond Mangalsutra

Patram Diamond Mangalsutra

Sayuri Diamond Mangalsutra

Sayuri Diamond Mangalsutra

Shreya Miracle Plate Diamond Mangalsutra

Shreya Miracle Plate Diamond Mangalsutra

Why not rose or white gold?

Just as mangalsutras have come a long way in design, so have the metals. You don’t have to settle for yellow gold with black beads anymore. You can choose rose gold like the Vyoma Diamond Mangalsutra or the Ziva Diamond Mangalsutra. The rose gold adds subtlety to the necklace while the symbols of marriage beat against your heart.

Mangalsutra with a difference

We have seen how unique and different the mangalsutra necklaces can be. Now we have the contemporary woman wearing a mangalsutra bracelet! The Amoli Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet has the customary gold and black beads and a diamond centre. Plus, an infinity symbol. What more can you ask for? The Adya Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet is also one of those perfect symbols of being married and can be worn with every outfit in your wardrobe. Nothing takes away the significance of being married. And nothing says you have to wear the symbol only around your neck.

A personalised mangalsutra is also a definite possibility. If you want to create your own design and add a more personal symbol that means something significant to the two of you, you can count on CaratLane jewellery designers to craft one that tells your story. You can have entwined hearts or an infinity symbol or create a unique design with both your names engraved. The choices are equally infinite when it comes to personalising your commitment. 

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