Must Explore 5 Best Gold Bracelets For Women

Bracelets are timeless. They have been worn through the ages. They were popular in 5000 BCE, in Egypt, and they are popular now. There have even been bracelets found in Russia that are believed to be over 40,000 years old. They were once made of beads strung with a thread or a leather string. Now they are made of gold, silver, and platinum. They also have an incredible variety of designs with charms and gemstones. Gold bracelets alone come with so many designs that they can be hard to choose from. But, they also offer incredible possibilities to mix and match. They can be cute, chic, simple, elaborate, stylish, and glamorous. 

The best part of owning a bracelet is that it goes with any outfit and is suitable for any occasion. It can be worn by women of all age groups. Bracelets for women can also be fun and show your unique sense of style. Even among gold bracelets, you have a choice to make – yellow, white, or rose gold. 

Here are a few gold bracelets that you can explore as you add to your collection. You may start with a simple gold bracelet and move on to the more intricate ones with diamonds, pearls, or other gemstones.

Plain gold bracelet

The plain gold bracelets are a must-have for every woman. What makes it even more of a must-have is that you can wear anything else along with that single bracelet, bangles, or a watch. It goes with every outfit and can be worn every day or to work. You can also wear it for a casual outing or a special occasion by adding a few more intricate bracelets. The Minimalistic Aztec Gold Bracelet with a cutout design is simple yet chic.

Personalised gold bracelets

You will find gold bracelets with a name or the initials commonly worn by women because they love the design and want to wear their names proudly. Personalised bracelets are also given as gifts to moms, girlfriends, and siblings. You can have anything engraved on a personalised bracelet like the Forever Mine Personalised Gemstone Bracelet. It also has a synthetic ruby to add to the beauty. It is also adjustable and has a couple of pearls. 

Gemstone bracelets

Gold bracelets can have a little colour by adding a gemstone you like or the one that is your birthstone. You can even have a few bracelets in your collection to match the closer of your outfit. Some of them have a single gemstone and others have a few more dangling from the chain of the bracelet. For example, the Betel Gemstone Bracelet has green gemstones that can go with a black or green outfit. But, you can wear it because you like the colour green. Red is always a favourite colour for outings and the Glinting Quad Gemstone Bracelet with a ruby in the centre and surrounded by small diamonds is an all-time favourite.

Gold bracelets with diamonds

The Orb Lattice Diamond Bracelet is special with its open-ended cutout design. It is a tube design making it a strong accessory for special occasions. It is a glamorous design that needs nothing else to mark it as special. The Maura Classic Diamond Bracelet is a sleek one with a string of diamonds placed closely together that it beams across any room. 

Adjustable gold bracelet 

From school girls to teenagers, and from young adults to older women can wear an adjustable bracelet. That’s the beauty of buying a bracelet you love and won’t have to put it away because it doesn’t fit your wrist anymore. The Swivel Adjustable Diamond Bracelet or the Sleek Diamond Adjustable Bracelet will do just fine for you to wear at any time and for any occasion.

While there are many more designs in different metals, these gold bracelets make a great addition to your collection. History tells us that bracelets have endured through the centuries and without a doubt, they will continue to adorn your wrist for a long time to come. The material may change, there may be newer designs and even a few different ways of wearing them as a cuff bracelet or a loose one. Nothing stops you from exploring and experimenting with different styles or wearing a different style a day. You will find the ones you like at CaratLane where there are unique designs and you will also find designers who can personalise them for you.


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