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The Quintessential Charm of Bangles

Bangles have always had a quintessential charm to them. Dressing up your wrists and providing a shimmery elegance for endless occasions is what bangles do best. They have been timeless treasures that have been passed on for generations, making the pair of bangles one of the most cherished piece of jewellery.

Since time immemorial bangles have been a part of the Indian culture. In the past, bangles were used to signify matrimony thus playing a crucial part in our country’s rich heritage.

Artistry at Its Best

At CaratLane, exquisite designs are created exclusively by master craftsmen using gold, diamond, platinum and gemstone. The vast range of precious bangles for women or kadas for men have over 150 different patterns that offer simple sophistication to this distinctive accessory. These bangle designs can add that special appeal to any western outfit or Indian wear.

Our bangles also come with variations in the shades of metal. For instance, you can pick from three tone, two tone, yellow and rose gold.

Our exhaustive range of designer bangles can be paired with any outfit or occasion. All gold bangles are made of 18 Kt to 22 Kt with the most desired percentage of gold providing them with the strength and longevity they require. This makes these bangles an ideal investment, apart from being decorative ornaments.

If you want to make a really bold statement, you can also go with the Platinum 950 bangles.

Indulge in diamonds- guilt free

Diamonds and bangles make for a combination worth indulging in. With hundreds of dazzling diamonds in various colours, cut, clarity and carat, our store offers the perfect range making it easy to find the perfect solitaire bangles that embodies brilliance.

Our zero-tolerance policy towards the use of conflict diamonds in jewellery further make for a guilt-free purchase. So there is no need to second guess the diamond bangles you buy from us as every piece of jewellery in the world of CaratLane is certified for authenticity and is synonymous with reliability with its purity guaranteed.

Crafting Creative Bangles to Suit all

Our top of the line gold bangles are crafted to perfection. Intricately detailed creations as well as more contemporary collections are both tantamount with elegance and radiance that celebrate the myriad roles of a wearer. These can light up your look as they are polished to shimmer and shine or give off a matte effect.

  • Our latest design of bangles are sure to transcend beauty in all forms. The formidable combination of technological innovation combined with superior industry know-how allows CaratLane to bring superlative creations to adorn your wrist.
  • Versatile minimalist patterns are woven into work wear bangles for women on the move or those who like to keep it light allowing for practical and chic statements with these pieces.
  • To keep up with trends in fashion bangles, our experts have carefully curated designs to complement your lifestyle with coveted jewellery as work of art.
  • Alluring constructions in gold or the rare platinum with lustrous or matte finish bejewelled with real gemstones like black onyx and ruby gemstone bangles are intended to add to enhance the overall dramatic appeal and find its way into your personal jewellery collection.

  • Styles and price to Compliment Our bangles are priced anywhere between Rs. 27,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. We also feature simpler and delicate bracelets starting at around Rs. 10,000 for women and Rs. 3,000 for the childrens’ range.

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